A pound well spent

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You may know of my knack of finding bargain books in Poundland, well this one pretty much sums the whole thing up perfectly.

I simply nipped in for a nosy at the Christmas decorations and came out with another wonderful book. Yes. Another one.

I knew instantly I was going to buy this book, in fact I didn’t even read the blurb on the back nor did I flick through any of the pages. This book was at the till before I knew it.

The title was all I needed, and the adorable cover was an instant hit too.

I am by far impressed, many of tips I may have already come across, but there are plenty I haven’t. I do love hearing other people’s perspectives on the matter too, so this is rather great. Sewing, baking, thrifting, just a few of my favourite things.

The layout and illustrations are also very pretty too.
The rrp on this book is £14.99.
I don’t think I could have found a more suitable way to spend my modest pound coin.


  1. looks good :)
    i'm rubbish at finding bargains like that... :/ xx

  2. I can never find decent books in my poundland and my pound ends up going on something random but you always do so well!

  3. it looks so beautifully designed :) I have not been to Poundland in ages ... might have to go to seek this lil beauty out

  4. This happens to be one of my favourite books, by my favourite writer! I've bought it for friends for Christmas in the past. What a bargain finding it for a pound!

    xxx Maddie

  5. This post made me smile, cos I have this book too!
    Mine sadly cost more than a pound, but was worth the extra! Ever since I bought it ages ago, ive been meaning to have a go at the homemade cheese lol!
    India Knight is such funny and inspiring author too, definately a pound well spent!

  6. Wow, that looks lovely, and a *pound*?!

  7. ive read this book. it sounded good but i found it quite boring. i just dont think it was quite what i expected. - but it could of been because i knew a lot of the stuff that was in it. you got the better bargain tho, mine cost me £1.99 XD

  8. Nice one! I love poundland for it's random books!

  9. thank you for your lovely comment love:) i need this book in my life now! my local poundland is rubbish though xxxx

  10. This book looks like absolute perfection....I want it!!

  11. My boyfriend equally shouts about his love for the Poundshop, I on the other hand still haven't grasped the concept of such bargaining. "How much is this?" I often ask, for him to roll his eyes for the umpteenth time. This is an absolute treasure! And very apt too, considering from where it is from. You'll have to share some of the secrets now and then :) jazzy ♥


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