Monday, 6 December 2010

A Piece Of Cake

Almost as charming and enticing as a cake, here we have (part of) my ridiculous collection of junk taking over a recently acquired vintage glass cake stand. When I say junk, I mean broken bits and lost pieces. Nothing remotely is in order, and a lot of it has almost morphed together, I am one those people who regretfully lets chains get tangled up and take a lifetime to unravel.

I have always clung onto anything remotely nostalgic, purely because I can’t find it in my heart to part with it.
I think there’s something quite alluring about a box full of charms. I have always wondered what I could do with all of these bits and pieces.


  1. i'm exactly the same when it comes to getting my chains tangled up! same with wires, coat hangers and string, let's just say i have a huge bag full pieces i can't untangle! hehe.

    it does look rather pretty i the cake stand, organized chaos :) you could create some interesting christmas decorations like ellie did with some keys in a recent post of hers?!

    hopefully you'll recieve your christmas card soon! xxx

  2. Alice! I have the urge to rob you of your cake stand and the delights on it!

    This looks so wonderful, maybe you could use these in art and textile pieces if you still experiment? stitch them onto things!

    I gathered a small collection of broken broaches and other accessories from the flea market and stitched them onto vintage postcards so pretty <3


  3. i have all my jewellery on a cake stand too! i am so jealous of that massive pile though xx

  4. I'm loving the cakestand! Woah, you've certainly got a lot of 'junk'. It all looks real pretty though. You could make some lovely jewellery or decorations perhaps?! Have a lovely week.

  5. Oh Alice, this is exactly how I am. I have so many pretty broken pieces I can't bear to part with! x

  6. haha i do exactly the same, i can't force my self to thow away even a single button or spare few inches of chain 'just in case'! x

  7. I love things like that, and it's even nicer cos it's in a cake stand! I think you could make some interesting/crazy jewellry out of all that...

  8. Thanks for sharing, I really love your blog. I also like writing and blogging stuffs but I don't have much time to do it. For now I'm just looking forward to have charm bracelets which will serve as a lucky charm.

  9. mmm! This looks wonderful!..yummy like a cake ;-)


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