A Merry Little Christmas

I must admit I have a little bit of a soft spot for Christmas (well doesn’t everyone). It’s the one time of year where everything stops and you have time to appreciate the ones around you the most. And of course eat lots of ridiculous amounts of food.

This will be my last post until after Christmas, and I thought I would share a few things that have enchanted me over the past few days...

Some Disney crackers that were found in the garage back in the summer; I have been saving them for Christmas and can’t wait to find out what’s inside.

One of my favourite ‘things to bring out at Christmas’. Of course my Eskimo cookie jar.

A certain stocking for a certain cat

& I want to say a special thank-you to a few lovely bloggers, who were kind enough to surprise me this Christmas...

Firstly thank-you Alex, I was lucky enough to win a book from her 12 days of Christmas Giveaway, and the card inside was so very fitting. I am actually ashamed to say I can’t recall the 12 days of Christmas off the top of my head, so this is so very useful for me.

The lovely Jazmine sent me a wonderful card and pack of Cath Kidston tissues, what a completely lovely thought.

And finally Ellie for organising the Christmas Card Swap. It was so lovely to be able to be part of it, and in turn receive my card. And I am sure many people will agree with me how wonderful this was.

& finally I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, each and everyone of you xxx


  1. just came across your blog and its very cute. Love that Eskimo cookie jar, he is adorable

  2. Have a fantastic Christmas. I love your cookie jar xx

  3. Aw Alice, thank you so much for the mention. I'm glad you liked the xmas card swap, will definitely be doing it again next year :)

    I love the cookie jar! How sweet is it! I hope you fill it with lots of lovely goodies.

    Have a brilliant xmas my love, I hope you get some pretty things and have a great time with your family :) x

  4. I looveeee those crackers so much! Happy christmas! xx

  5. Flash has that stocking too! Those crackers look fab, I remember having those ones when I was younger!

  6. oh alice, thank-you for mentioning me, i'm so glad your card finally got to you! :)

    ohh, the disney crackers are so cute! my mum and i haven't actually bought any yet, we are hoping we'll be able to track some down in our tesco local tomorrow.

    merry christmas! xxx

  7. Have a wonderful Christmas Alice! So glad the book arrived safely - hope you get some time to read it over the hols.

  8. o what a pretty post.
    merry christmas to you darling.

  9. Happy Christmas to you! A gorgeous post full of gorgeous things!


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