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As much as I spend my life tracking down second-hand treasures, I am not a girl who completely is devoted to nostalgia.
I have somewhat a guilty pleasure in the name of Ikea. Yes you heard me right, Ikea.
The shop and catalogue get me so excited, it’s probably because we don’t have one locally, so when we do go it’s always a bit of a treat.

In my mind I hate the idea of a flat pack home, but like many things it’s not all as it seems. Behind the big bold yellow brand name, there are believe me hidden treasures.

For example, these cushions that have lasted me for nearly 5years. And I still love them as much as I did when I first bought them. I got them both for less than £10 and they never fail to brighten up a room. I know the embroidery is completely after my own heart.

Just browsing through these catalogues gives me enough inspiration, particularly the way they cleverly store things. I am obsessed with storage; I like things being neat but also like them being nice to look at.

Please can I have a bookshelf like this one?

Or a sink like this pretty please?

These star shaped fairy lights were £2, and are battery powered; they’ve sneakily snuck themselves into the living room for over the Christmas period, but will probably find a more permanent home in my craft room.

I also love the bargain corner. Well the name says it all. We picked up some *mystery* items recently and I am spilling with excitement. More will be disclosed on a later date.

So apart from wanting to dive into the catalogue literally, I must say I am smitten with Ikea.


  1. i absolutely love going to ikea for some bizzare reason, the cushions are really cute :) x

  2. I really love ikea catalogues, sad but true! They're great for inspiration on how to make a flatpack home truly your own.

  3. My friend has those cushions! They remind me of teenage girly sleepovers :) love them!

  4. Being Swedish I can't help but to have a little bit of a spot for IKEA, eventhough I'm not generally a lover of bloated global brands.
    When I was a youngster growing up in Sweden, the IKEA catalogue was jokingly known as 'The Bible' in our house.
    We do have quite a few pieces of IKEA furniture in the house but if I had the choice/space I would prefer old chunks of antique brown furniture & I'd absolutely love to have a great big victorian chesterfield sofa.

  5. I have one of those cushions...and the star lights :) xx

  6. ahh, i'm a bit of an Ikea girl too! I don't like the Ikea look in general but they have some REALLY good pieces that mix in with my style. I love the white furniture and we always make a point of visiting at least once a year for candles, baskets, magazine storage and a few Daim bars! x

  7. Your blog is so quaint! It's lovely!!

  8. I agree with you that Ikea can unearth some really nice quirky things at good prices too. Those cushions are brilliant examples they are gorgeous. xxx

  9. I was just in Ikea last week, I spotted the very cute lights - in another womans basket! Upon asking where in store they lived, I was told she had swiped the last ones! *sobs :(

  10. I love Ikea. Most of my bedroom, well all of the furniture is from there. It looks modern and it works well. I picked up those star lights too, they are adorning my bedhead =) I live about an hour from Ikea but I think I need to go back to get some 'decorations' for my room. xx

  11. I have never been to Ikea in my life! I feel like I am missing out! x

  12. Love those adorable fairy lights! And those cushions and the cute little sink! Enjoy the day, Kellie xx

  13. I've got to get myself some of those star lights, they're so cute! Ikea is really far away from where I live so i've only been a couple of times but hopefully i'll be able to go again soon :) x

  14. oh my, the bookcase is so pretty! i'd literally die if i had one of them, hehe.

    i'm so sorry you haven't recieved your christmas card from me alice, i really am. i mean, it only consisted of a card and a cute packet of tissues, but it just upsets me how bad the royal mail is.

    i hope you are okay! xxx


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