Spells and Mystery at the Flea Market

Its funny how buying something second-hand almost certainly guarantee’s you a tale behind the piece (one that you will probably never know) but still it’s quite lovely to know it has a history of some kind.

I’ve been rummaging through my drawers; in hope of actually clearing out a few things, but instead of course just uncovered a few things I had forgotten about.

All of these items came from the same place:
The flea market.

If the word ‘flea’ doesn’t scare you off, I’m sure you could be a little freaked out by the place being populated by older overweight men who are trying to haggle down a bargain or two.
But fear not, the beauty of a flea market is that it is often literally ‘tat’
Unlike a charity shop, where everything is cautiously inspected and checked by staff before it goes onto the shop floor, the flea market tends to sell straight from the box that was taken from a house clearance that very morning.

This porcelain face was one of my favourite 20p finds. That was until my brother half scared me to death and informed me it reminded him of the serial killer on an American television show (The infamous Carver from Nip/Tuck) but there’s something so glamorous about the startling red lipstick. This is one I will be hanging back up on the wall.

This Spell Book was one of my favourite finds as a teenager. I was the typical moody, borderline gothic, angry and frustrated soul we once all were, and what could cheer me up more than an old spell book. Belonging to a witch maybe?
I have always felt a sense of mystery towards this book, it’s probably not as old as you think, but it has certainly had some use, and that’s what attracted me. The cover is very worn and tattered, it’s of felt material.

The spells themselves are pretty harmless, and the pictures to go alongside are very quirky. I think I will always find something endearing about this book.

And finally a few key chains. The rainbow one was an instant hit, I loved the colours and art deco style of it. However the cat one is a little mysterious again. For one I did not actually purchase this. It was tucked inside the pocket of a 20p handbag I bought from the flea market.

It was an interesting find, because alongside a few used tissues, and crumpled papers, was this key ring almost abandoned. (I do find it a little strange when somebody who has chucked something away hasn’t checked inside the bag before hand)

I love cats, and it’s no secret I love a bit of kitsch. I don’t quite know if the cat is supposed to look unhappy, I just don’t know!


  1. You rummage queen! Seriously, that face is probably worth a lot lot more than what you paid for it, nice one! jazzy ♥

  2. the face is a little scary, but beautiful all the same. it will look lovely on your wall! oh goodness, i used to have a spell book too! i think me and my friend done a spell once, we wrote somebodies name on a certain colour paper and then put it in the freezer. ridiculous!

    oh alice, i'm so glad you like my bedroom. i really did put a lot of effort into it, well that corner anyway! i'm always tidying that section, if only you could see the rest of my room, hehe!


  3. I love that mask! You're quite right, the red lippie takes her from scary to glamorous and very beautiful she is, too. The spell book is intruiging and the key ring is worthy of being used as a necklace. xxx

  4. Lovely finds! I love rummaging at the local flea market.... you can find some real treausre!

  5. The best treasures are found at these very odd places. I just truly love the mask I collect mostly mardi gras ones this one however is rather chic.

    The spell book is so interesring,I love those very simple and creative spells. Great finds.

  6. That's exactly why i love secondhand stuff that much. I love tale. The fact that it has a little history of it's own. And what an amazing book to have, the spell book! X

  7. What fabulous finds, I like things with a history.

  8. I think half the fun is rummaging through the boxes of tat! The face is fab, so glam and classic.

  9. I love that spell book! I remember looking through it and finding the spell for a girl and spell for a boy! I may be consulting you for that one day! <3 xxx

  10. that china face is great :) what a bargain. coo blog, now following




  11. OMG I've just reading through your posts having newly discovered your blog and this keyring brought back instant memories as I used to have one!!!

    Thank you for that!

    Victoria xx


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