K is for Kardashian

So I’m not usually one for American reality TV shows, you know the ones that get you darn right addicted, with all the glamour and glitz.
I’ve pretty much shunned anything that gives you the need to be obsessed and follow religiously week after week (a lifetime).

That was until I found Keeping Up With The Kardashians. At first it kind of reminded me of The Osbournes, reality show with blatant story lining and outrageousness… cue my new obsession.

I don’t know if it’s the glamour, the family-ness, or in fact just that it’s so easy and addictive to watch. The Mr thinks I’m mad, I swear I recorded at least 15 re-runs last week and I still have Sunday’s season finale to watch.
I know Kim Kardashian should technically be the one I’m in awe of, but lately I have been swayed towards Kourtney, oh yes my obsession doesn’t just stop at Keeping Up With The Kardashians, no its Kourtney and Khole Take Miami also. I love how tender and caring Kourtney is towards her baby (in fact I was literally close to tears the episode she gave birth to Mason), yet her boyfriend Scott still is as dysfunctional as ever, I really feel for her.

Khole on the other hand is a total minx, so arrogant but something about her just makes me like her. I think in the early episodes she is tendering being a spoil brat but later on she is a true sister to the others. And the mammoth wedding episode had me glued to the television.

So my little (embarrassing) obsession, I could talk about it all night long.
Please don’t hate me for adoring such trash can television. Do enlighten me with similar fond feelings for this program? Or maybe not


  1. I've never heard of her before, I'm woefully behind the times when it comes to celebrities. I have trouble committing to TV series, I don't mind a bit of trash but Jon tends to get all manly and puts his foot down. Love The Apprentice and sadly I've only seen one I'm a Celebrity episode so far. He's so mean. xxx
    Ps I could never hate you, you're a lovely, intelligent and kind-hearted person.

  2. I saw five minuets of this show once and that was enough!!! hehe it was basically two people (kourtney and kim??) acting really spoilt!!

    I am sure I have equally embarrassing addictions though! I watched Fearn and Misha Barton the other day have you seen that? In the O.C days I was totally in awe of that girl but she was a total diva on that show! xxx

  3. I've never seen this one but I did shamefully discover myself loving The Hills recently. It's just all so ridiculously ott that it sucks me in.

  4. my sister and i watch this. so much fun.

  5. Oh... thank god I'm not the only one :))

  6. I've heard of this but never watched it, I don't know if I dare incase I get obsessed.

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  8. Love KD. She has an amazing style. Follow me if you wish and I will return the favor.



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