Sunday, 21 November 2010

A box full of cuttings out…

Does anybody else have a box like this?

Now I swear I must have had this very cardboard box for over 5 years. Aiming to eventually get to the bottom of it and have everything neatly filed away or scrapbooked, but literally over time it has just multiplied and never really got sorted out.

I find it so hard to part with things. Now I’m talking paper here. Magazine articles that are ancient. But still I find it impossible to part with them.
When I was at college it was a perfect outlet, a new project would always begin with me finding plenty of resource from my box of cuttings out. I also was keen on helping others with their projects too.

I have discussed my problem with magazines before, and I can actually say it has pretty much turned itself around (something which I didn’t think was at all possible). I don’t purchase magazines half as much as I used to, if at all. I literally mean if at all, the only magazine I have bought in the past 6months or so is the December issue of Company, solely because it was cheap at a £1, and I literally caved the other day (a pound rings bells in my mind).
I find it silly really, I feel almost like I’ve read everything I need to, I spent a good decade of my life in love with magazines, but now I can find all the inspiration I want in other places and forms.

In despite of all this, I still have all these fashion clippings, articles, that I don’t quite really know what to do with. I kind of wish I had it in me to be ruthless and just recycle the lot. But I know I could sit for hours going through them, taking all the best bits out and ultimately reminiscing, because anyone who knows me, knows this is one of my ultimate favourite past times♥


  1. This post so stuck a chord with me - I have the same obsession with magazines which I am desperately trying to overcome. I don't have the cuttings problem it's more that I find it hard to part with the whole magazine and very very difficult not to buy more. I've lost count of the number of times I've picked up magazines this past week and been about to scurry off to the till with them, only to remind myself that I don't need them and can find plenty to read in the old ones I have or find things on the internet - so far I'm winning the battle with myself, just need to keep it up! xxx

  2. If it's only a boxful it's not doing any harm and it's lovely to think you can pull it out from time to time and spend an enjoyable couple of hours.
    I've never had much of a love affair with magazines. I do enjoy Living Etc but most fashion magazines leave me cold. xxx

  3. I used to have shoeboxes full of Busted cutouts hahaa. How embarassing :/

  4. I have mounds of cuttings, but in various piles/boxes/bags all around our flat (oh, and some still under my old bed at my parents' house!) xx

  5. hehe, i do indeed have a box like this! i've recently sorted it out, recycling pages and cut outs i no longer like or need. it's just so much fun looking through my box, finding inspirational pictures and old articles. i hardly ever buy magazines now, except for vogue (but in the last couple of years i have refused the temptation to rip them up), so my box is starting to look pretty bare. don't recycle them alice! the day you throw them away will be the day you end up needing them, that's happened to me in the past! you could always get recycle a few of your cutouts buy decorating the box you keep them in with them? xxx

    p.s. could you please email me your address again if that is okay? i'd love to send you a little christmas card!

  6. I have a bookcase like this! It's nice to see the box that all your wonderful 60's images came from! You were such an incredible help with any and every project! xxx

  7. One box isn't a problem at all - I vote keep them! If you're not buying magazines much any more then you may find a few years you're ready to get rid of them. Don't do it just cos you feel like you should be tidying up though.

  8. Haha, that looks sooo familiar!!

  9. I tend to keep my old magazines, they came in handy when I was at college but now I think I may have a clean out and a donation to this years textiles class! ha! Also I would like to mention that I have nominated your blog for a "one lovely blog" award, enjoy :-) xx

  10. I used to have lots of old cuttings littering up my drawers at home but i got rid of them when i came to uni and i've banned myself from buying magazines now :( x

  11. i stick all my scraps from agazines into a black paper hard back ring continues to inspire actually on my 4th one now.. i rip things out and set them inside the cover and stick them down when i have time. dont recycle!! keep them! :) x


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