A few bits and pieces that have surprised and enchanted me this past week or so...

I never purchase new jewellery, solely because I always wear my Tiffany necklace and bracelet pretty much 24/7. But I made an exception this weekend, when I purchased this lovely whimsical chain from Matalan. I’m not sure whether I am keeping it as a chain yet, I may well just use the charms in some sort of crafty way.

I love the looking glass and the miniature keys are completely adorable. I would love something a little larger key wise, but think the miniatures are a sure touch of cute and remind me very much of Alice in Wonderland.
And best of all it was reduced from £7.00 to £1.75!

The lovely Jazmine sent me the most wonderful package, which included this Commemorative Movie Edition Peter Rabbit book. A girl after my own heart. Oh how I adore Beatrix Potter, these books will always bring a smile to my face. Thank-you so so much Jazmine.

And finally I’ve been on the hunt to track down the Naughty Alice fragrance ever since I declared it part of my wish list. When I did I was actually disappointed with the scent. I am so picky and fussy over perfume.
It doesn’t look like Father Christmas will need to get me this one after all. I still complelty absolutely adore the whole aesthetic and bottle, what can I say it’s the perfect design. Just not the scent for me, I did however find much pleasure in collecting a few of the flyers.


  1. Such pretties! That Matalan necklace is sooo cute and an absolute steal and isn't Jazz a sweetie? xxx

  2. your chain looks very whimsical, i think thats the word im looking for :) eeeee where are the pics of the cardigan ive not stopped hearing about? xxxxx

  3. ohh, the matalan necklace is so beautiful! i'm so, so glad you liked your parcel, sorry it took me so long to send it to you! so happy you the like the cardigan as well, what a bargain, hey? :) xxx

  4. The necklace is so lovely and what a bargain!

  5. I've heard such good things about Matalan jewellery - will have to go check it out.

    More Beatrix Potter Alice - lovely! :) x

  6. Oooh, that necklace is so cute - I definitely wouldn't have guessed it was from Matalan!


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