A Sports Shop Exchange

I am one for trying out a variety of ‘shops’ for clothing and accessories. I don’t really stick to a specific brand. But I am not exactly much of a sporty person, I know my Nikes from my Adidas but that’s about as in depth as it gets.

So I had bought a t-shirt at Sports Direct last week for my boyfriend, but it was the wrong size and in the end I just couldn’t be bothered with it, so decided to return it. When frantically rifling through my purse for the receipt, I suddenly remembered they don’t offer refunds (unless you kick up a fuss, which I didn't fancy doing)...only exchanges and gift cards.
This infuriated me, but I realised I would just have to find a suitable replacement. It was only £5…

So I planned on buying possibly a t-shirt I could pass off as sleepwear, after all God forbid a sport shop actually selling something fashionable?

Well I was mistakenly wrong. I found these cream cable knit leg warmers! Oh how my heart melted. I love cream cable knit.
I have been known to have a fascination with leg warmers on previous occasions, but think this has finally rekindled my love for them.

They are Golddigga, I’m not quite sure what happened to that brand. But none of the product is actually branded so it doesn’t really matter.

I then was forced into buying the cheapest item I could find for the remaining 50p left on the exchange, so I opted for a somewhat cheesy pair of socks.
Now I’m not as raving mad for these, but a girl can never have too many pairs of socks.

I know I’m going to be wearing the legwarmers all day and night! There just so warm and snug.


  1. Oh they're fab. Just goes to show you can find stuff in the most surprising places.

  2. I love them and am feeling slightly envious if truth be told, I've been so cold all day.
    I may even be tempted to brave the weird netherworld that is a sports shop if I knew I'd find lovely legwarmers like those. xxx

  3. i love legwarmers. I need to get me a new pair because those that I have in my closet have to go. I like your especially the white one.


    Hope you visit my blog. Follow if you wish and I ' ll return the favor.


  4. I never knew they sold stuff like that in there!

  5. :O ! mucaneras! en secreto siempre he querido una de esas :)

  6. Ooh, they look snuggly! I dislke sports shops, I get dragged in them when I go shopping with my friend, will be on the look out for these next time though! lol xx

  7. Oooo you have made me want to buy legwarmers now!


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