A Little Christmas Delight

I don’t usually get excited about Christmas until its arrival. I mean its still October right?

However when I spotted these delights in Wilkinson, I instantly fell for them. I had to have the cat at just 80p, its Jasper’s first Christmas this year and I thought it would nicely mark that.
And the Gingerbread man is an old favourite. I have been admiring Rebecca’s felt creations for a while now and love the idea of homemade delights. I guess I still have a bit of time to make a few of my own, but this Gingerbread man was the last of only three left in the shop. I couldn’t leave him behind! Look how cute he his.
He was a little more expensive at £1.48, but still reasonably cheap for something you can bring out every year.

I hope this doesn’t mean I’ve got the Christmas bug now


  1. That is the cutesy gingerbread man everI need to go to wilkio eeeeee Christmas soon!!!!! X

  2. Oh they are too cute. I cannot buy more tree decs this year though as we don't have space for a big tree anymore.

  3. aw aren't they lovely! i might have to pop in and get some of those for myself! x

  4. They are gorgeous and that's coming from a Xmas hater! I'm tempted to buy a few of those cats for festive treats for friends. Thanks for sharing (and I'll let you off mentioning the C word in October as I think you're lovely) xxx

  5. These are BEAUTIFUL! It's ok to get excited early... Christmas decorations arrived in Sheffield in the city centre today, so festive! jazzy ♥

  6. I am thinkin about to prepare something like this for our christmas tree :D

  7. I lovelovelove that gingerbread man! Must head to the Wilkinsons near me soon :)


  8. ahhhhhhh! This made me excited for Christmas, I want to crack out my Santa jumper NOW. I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my blog, I love yours! Thankyou!



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