Cheap Thrills

I’m one of those people who finds it impossible to spend more than £10 or so on one single item of clothing.

In fact as far as I’m concerned the cheaper the better. A good 50% of my wardrobe is purely second hand, and a good 40% was stuff bought in a sale. Leaving the little amount left to things bought at full price (I do have my odd exceptions, like the £110 French Connection dress I bought last summer for a wedding)

What I am ultimately saying is, I am a cheap thrill sort of girl. Call me stingy or cheap but I am not one to look after my clothes, in fact I am much a clothes fiend, one day that adorable floral dress could be my best friend, the next day it’s booted onto eBay. So for me clothing isn’t a luxury, because I am so fickle and awkward when it comes to choosing what to wear.

In the midst of digging out my Autumn/Winter wardrobe out a la Jen from A Little Bird. To my surprise I actually have a few bits and pieces perfect for a fresh new season. I am never close to being in fashion at the best of times, so please forgive me for my somewhat mixed up choices. And too this showcases some of those second hand beauties...

Topshop top via Charity Shop
I have had this in my wardrobe for many years, I just adore the print, and I can’t help but feel a little bit of a hippy in this.

Primark Skirt
In a mad dash a couple of years ago I bought two of these, because they were on sale ridiculously cheap at £1 each and I just couldn’t decide which size was best.

Primark cardigan via Charity shop
This floral beauty was a bargain again that I paid very little, a couple of pounds if that. Time and time again I go back to this, I always wanted the black version of this cardigan too, but never was able to track it down.

Indian Rose Tartan Skirt via Charity Shop
This is really only for the braver days. I was in awe of this skirt for many years. This originally retailed at something ludicrous like £60, I found it in a charity shop for £3. The slogan says it all- world is not for sale.

And finally one I’m not quite sure about wearing this winter…

Vintage coat/cape via Charity Shop
I bought this almost two years ago in a charity ship for £7.99, purely because I had never seen anything quite like it before, and knew if I left it behind I wouldn’t find another one. It’s had very little wear to be honest, the neckline always seem to confuse me, as it’s so open and the cape vs coat thing is always a difficult one.

However I do love the quirky details and the pattern is lovely. I wish I could tell you more about this coat, but I just don’t know anything about it's era/history which I regret. If I was a little braver I would wear this, but I just don’t think it’s me anymore.


  1. That's a Welsh Tweed coat, my dear Alice, circa late 1960's or early 1970's. I love Welsh tweed! Wear it, please. You will look fabulous.
    I had that Indian Rose kilt, too (chazza shopped, naturally) but sold it on eBay. xxx

  2. Oh Alice it's gorgeous!! Wear it! If it was mine I don't think I'd take it off. I love all your other bits and bobs. They're all perfect for autumn.

  3. Alice that cape is immense! I love it, if you ever get bored of it, i'd happily buy it off you- i've been looking for the perfect cape for ages hehe.


  4. i agree, the cape is beautiful, please post a picture of yourself wearing it! i'm so sorry i couldn't find the map, i really should of asked at the desk, thinking about it now. i'm so sorry! i know i keep saying this, but i'll be sending you something soon, i'm always forgetting to take it to the post office. i have a question to ask, do you have 'the tale of peter rabbit commemorative movie edition'? i bought it at my local charity shop for 80p, if you don't have it i'll send it along with your present :) xxx

  5. I agree too! The cape is beautiful, lovely colours and well made.... please wear it!

  6. I LOVE that coat/cape
    It should be living in my wardrobe haha

  7. Everything is so sweet, and I'm like you. I truly don't spend loads on a single piece.



    i thought you might like this :) xx

  9. that floral cardigan is absolutely gorgeous and a complete bargain! love the concept of the post.

  10. Love the tweed cape. Please wear it! It's stunning!

    Glad you're getting sorted for the next season! :) xx

  11. Hey, thanks for commenting my blog :-)
    I never spend loads on clothes either, they're mostlty eBay lol! The charity shops by me rarely have anything good in but there's like a huge charity shop called BDF by me where they have loads of seconds from River, New Look, Warehouse, Karen Millen, Oasis and Monsoon for REALLY cheap! And I end up spending rather too much there lol!! Ooh and you must wear that cape! It's lovely, plus in More mag they're saying they're very bang on trend!! Hope you've been alright :-) xx

  12. Alice that cape is amazing, please wear it!!I never spend much more that £10-20 on an item of clothing!

  13. That coat is so beautiful!I love it so much I hope you did wear it lots and lots xxx


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