The 1930s Scrapbook

I bought this book from a library sale a few years ago for £1.00, and to be honest it didn’t look to have had much ‘borrowed’ use. I instantly grabbed it as anything involving the word scrapbook instantly appealed to me.

It’s simply one of those books that you can return to again and again, yet still be enchanted, there is so much detail that you almost certainly can notice different things every time you have a peek in.

It’s very nostalgic. And I see it as a great source for identifying things to look out for at boot sales and charity shops alike.

It covers every area you could want, from fashion and dressmaking to food and cinema. My favourite pages are the beauty ones; oh I do love vintage make-up packaging and the toys are all traditional, not a computer console in sight.

The food pages have me gasping every single time, all those chocolate vintage tins, nowadays they just don’t have a patch on these. It’s funny how some of the brands are still the ones we depend on today.

Although much of the packaging has been updated, I did notice the Golden Syrup one is exactly the same- how confident and satisfied as a brand must they be.

Whilst the Nivea crème has certainly been modernized, the brand still stays true to it’s original colours of navy blue.

This book is a complete delve into another world. An era I didn’t live through but sure am intrigued by. This is literally a visual scrapbook crammed full of exciting things for any of you nostalgic fans out there like me.

You can find this book here


  1. What an amazing book, I could spend hours getting all nostalgic at the beautiful packaging.
    Didn't things appear a lot more glamorous back then? xxx

  2. that books seems amazing!!!! I like old packaging and here in Lisbon there is a very small shop specializate on them you can find crazy stuff as for exmaple old matchboxes :D

  3. What a fantastic book! I love all the vintage adverts and packaging, it feels like they just put so much effort into it in those days and it shows. Nowadadys advertisers seem to put all their money into looking effortless not effortful!

  4. Ooh I love these books, I've got this one, the war one and a 50's one (my Mom seems to buy one for me every christmas lol!) I wish that time travel was real and I could waltz back in time, pfft! xx

  5. wow, this is a vintage lovers dream - i'm sure i could spend a fair few hours absorbing it all :) x

  6. so cool.. what an amazing little find!

    (doing an erin wasson ring giveaway on the blog! stop by if you're interested!)

  7. How crazy super {sweet} these are such pretty finds. And your blog is so lovely too!


  8. i quite literally am in love with your blog! everything on it is so interesting, and i love seeing the little quirky finds you pick up down the boot sales :) x

  9. What an amazing book! I could look at pictures like that all day, they're just endlessly interesting.

  10. What a beautiful book, I am quite jealous

  11. What a brilliant book! Looking at old branding fascinates me. I love to see how logos have evolved over the years!


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