Wondering and Wishing...

There are a few things I have discovered lately, and they are slowly forming there own little wish list...

Fifi Lapin- What Shall I Wear Today?
I first discovered this rabbit a few years ago hopping around on the net. So when I was in WHSmiths the other day and spotted this wonderful little book in the new releases section, I instantly picked it off the shelf and was mesmerized by its quirkiness. Okay it’s not the norm to take fashion advice from a rabbit, but what can I say I just love the illustrations that are Fifi Lapin.

Naughty Alice
A perfume with my name in it, a perfume by Vivienne Westwood, I think I’m smitten already. I am in desperate need of a new scent this Christmas and I can’t wait for this to be released. I love the bottle, I love the packaging, I love the name, and I just hope I love the scent.

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol III
I feel terribly guilty about this, but I think I will be sitting the latest releases out. Don’t get me wrong Urban Decay are and will probably always be my favourite make-up brand, but three book of shadows down (including the special edition Alice in Wonderland), I don’t think I can justify paying out for another one. I have little connection with NYC and don’t appreciate the increased price on this item.

The Naked palette on the other hand had me from when the very first promotional photos were released. But I cannot express my disappointment at the packaging. I hate velvet. Well to be more precise I hate the feeling of velvet.
I know it’s me being strange here, but I am very fussy when it comes to item specifics. Don’t get me wrong the eye shadow selection is to perfection; the colours are my ideal palette. I am still in two minds, not buying something because it is covered in velvet is a little silly, but I can’t practically see this staying in pristine condition, I am messy enough as it is with my various other palettes, so I just don’t think this one was meant to be unfortunately.

Harajuku Wicked Style Perfumes
I was shocked to learn of yet a fourth Harajuku perfume collection. This is an impossible collection, in my heart I want all of these, but I know it’s terribly silly and such a gimmick. I also am shocked that the bottles don’t resemble the Harajuku girls or Gwen anymore, they have had a complete makeover, and it all reminds me very much of other established Japanese brands such as Momiji.

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What are you wondering and wishing of lately?


  1. Oh my gosh! a new VW perfume! How exciting :D and it looks lovely! Great collection of bits and fifi lapin :D

  2. What fabulous choices, if I came into any money I think they'd be on my wish list,too. xxx

  3. I love that you do this! Over the last two weeks I have already been thinking of what I want for christmas! How crazy am I???

    Oh well, wish list is including:
    *Dawsons boxset of all seasons
    *dear john and the last song on DVD
    *Lots of clothes/boots
    *lush products
    *Katie price new biography
    *Any new jacqueline wilson out near then!


  4. Lovely blog! And I'd like that perfume too!!! I got a chance to smell it and it is WONDERFUL :)

    feel free to check out my blog:

  5. Love that Vivienne perfume! Fab name, adore the packaging! Cute little things here, the thing I don't like about that velvet is that it would get dirty really easily in my makeup drawer! Happy to find your little world, happy to be your newest follower! XX!

  6. Love the look of that Vivienne Westwood perfume!

  7. Ohh I really want to smell the new Alice perfume!

  8. i went to the v&a on friday, but i couldn't see anything to do with jacquline wilson. i'm so sorry! xx

  9. i love the Harajuku lovers perfumes, used to have the original Music one and it smelt amazing! Really want to try these :) x

  10. Oo i want one of those Harajuku purfumes! They look so cute! Loving that naked palette too!
    Im now following you btw :) xo


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