A Stylish Memory

Once upon a time, I met a wonderful girl in my textile class at college. We bonded over crafts, and then discovered our shared love affair for No Doubt and Dawson’s Creek.

It was in that textile class we would scrounge through the fabric scraps and often fill our handbags full of them. (Not that this was stealing…purely for creative sake)

No one else in our class really understood our need and want for the fabric scraps, after all they were just scraps. But it was one early morning; the bin had just been filled up, ducking and diving we were, when suddenly we pulled out the most exquisite skirt…

“WOW!” exclaimed Alice.

This was pure vintage, and a tiny waistline, that would fit almost Twiggy. It was decided in seconds, the skirt would be ours.

We sneakily snuck it into one of our bags and carried on with our sewing and appliqué.
It was later that day at break time, we layed it out on a cafeteria table in all its glory and cut right down the middle.

For this fabric would be split in half. And from that day on I have cherished this.

I was considering finally using the fabric but here’s me being all sentimental, it will probably just remain a treasured scrap.

I love you G x


  1. Wow, that's stunning. I'd be tempted to frame it or something, it's practically a piece of art.

  2. That is a fabulous print, very reminiscent of the 1970's Vogue blouses I remember as a child. What a lovely gesture cutting it in half and keeping a side each, it really does deserve a frame. xxx

  3. aw what a lovely story! Funny though, I thought you may have been talking about me then, especially the love of Dawson's Creek part! x

  4. what a lovely story! The print on the skirt is fantastic & your college days sound like mine, I was always raiding the fabric scraps! x

  5. Fave blog EVER hehe I still have my half as well! Just cannot decide what to do with it, it is so beautiful just as it is! <3

    I miss the textile A-level days soooo fun :)


  6. Oh wow what a treasure! A lovely memento I'm sure you'll look back on :) jazzy ♥

  7. The fabric is indeed a piece of art. Im very sentimental too. I still wear my clothes from when I was 12 years old. LOL. Its so nice to hear about your good friend. I have yet to meet my style soul sister!

    P.S. Hope you like my post on new ring buys and follow my blog too :)

  8. That is an absolutely beautiful story, and I love the fabric. I too love Dawson's Creek, No Doubt and Fabric Scraps so I can totally appreciate you and your friend's taste! I don't get why people don't understand that sometimes it's enough just to have a small scrap of beautiful fabric without having to dov anything with it!

  9. es preciosa :)
    lindo blog, Gwen is the best!
    kiss! te sigo ;)

  10. That there is some pretty fabric!! I understand why you cherish it! x x

  11. Very pretty fabric, it should definately be framed or made into a cushion cover maybe?


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