A Primark Purchase

EDIT- I am unsure if this got posted yesterday or not, blogger seems to be causing me technical problems. The original post did not show up in my reader, so I’m unsure whether it actually got published in the reader or not. xxx

Primark used to be a shop I would frequent on a weekly basis, I knew exactly when new stock was unleashed onto the shelves and I had enough Primark coat hangers to last me a lifetime. Regrettably I just don’t anymore.

I say regrettably, because that shop has fast become quite a leader of the high street. Divided opinion maybe, and I admit I’ve had my frustrations in the past, be it my £4.00 shoes falling to pieces in weeks or every single other girl wearing the same glitter adorned t-shirt as me, ultimately I have neglected Primark for far too long.

So it was an unpredictable trip at the weekend, which lead me straight to the gates of heaven (for some).

It’s easy to confuse the trusty words quality over quantity, when items are priced for few pennies, but I stayed safe and purchased just the one item on this occasion.

I saw the lovely Jazzabelle wearing a similar H&M version and instantly loved the short sleeves as opposed to annoying long sleeves you are destined to roll up. I also have been a bit in love with this cream colour for the autumn. I’m not sure how long this has been in store but all of these jumpers were reduced down to £5.00. Which is odd as I would have thought these were new stock, but who knows.

I am wholly smitten with my purchase to say the least.


  1. That's such a cute sweater, Alice. I can see you getting plenty of mileage out of it. Have you tried it over that gorgeous black lace dress? I'd imagine the mix of textures would look particularly lovely.
    We don't have a Primark here (yet). I can imagine the temptation to buy more than you need must be huge and the reason behind so much tagged stuff ending up in charity shops so kudos to you for just spending £5. xxx

  2. Aww, so cute! =) x


  3. And you have every right to be smitten! It's so very cute and quite an interesting texture it has. Can't wait to see it in an outfit!


  4. I think you've picked really sensibly. Bargain price and a nice, quality, versatile item. I dislike the fact that so many people run riot in Primark and buy a load of stuff they'll never wear just because it's cheap, but if you're picking out a few key pieces then it's just as good as most of the high st stores.

  5. cute stuffff! i love it.,

    following your blog now


  6. Ohhh lovely, it'd be really nice layered xx

  7. thats lovely! perfect for fall and winter x

  8. I've been wanting a jumper just like this for ages! Seriously, that's pretty much exactly what I've been picturing in my head! I want to wear it over my dresses.. Can't believe they're reduced already.. Argh I want it. Haven't seen it in my store though :(


  9. This jumper is lovely. I used to bring home bagfulls of stuff from Primark but I am now alot more selective!

  10. ohh, what a bargain! my h&m version cost me £25, though i didn't pay for it, my dad wanted to treat me to something new :) i haven't been to primark in a long time, though it's usually where i stock up on socks, gloves and plain vests.

    love, jazzabelle. x

  11. I have not been to Primark for a while too and they have just opened a new store in the town where I work I think I will have to pop in. That jumper is so cute xoxo

  12. p.s. have you watched the Dustbin Baby film? I've watched it a few times, it was on CBBC earlier. it's such a wonderful film. xx


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