My Three Shoe Sins

Still reeling from my disappointment at not being able to fit into those boots at the charity shop in Wales, I have been sorting out the old shoe closet. And believe me it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I admit I’m not a huge shoe person; the only shoes I’ve ever loved were my floral Dr Martens when I was five years old. Give me those back any day and I would sure be one happy girl.

So right at the bottom of my empty shoe heart, I found three shocks. Purely for your pleasure at my inadequacy to find a nice pair of shoes, here are my three shoe sins…

Graffiti Skater/Sneaker Boots by Faith

I bought these on clearance for £5.00 when I was sixteen. I have NEVER worn them. I was a little caught up in the emo scene to put it politely. This is so typical me, buy something and never wear it, yet let it sit in my house for a lifetime.

Blue ‘bubble’ shoes by General Public

I call these my bubble shoes, they are of the weirdest texture and don’t really have a particular style. I have worn them probably four times and that was whilst I was still a teenager, so forgive me not for finally parting with these bizarre beasts.

Yellow Trainers by Alberto Guardiani

You know I bought these on clearance many years ago from TKMaxx. I paid the mighty sum of £2.00. And I have never been able to get that lost £2.00 back. These have been listed on eBay and taken many a time to the car boot, but I have yet found anyone mad enough to buy them. I don’t quite know what I was thinking when I made that deadly purchase all that time ago.

Off to the shoe recycling I go. And I will continue to mourn my terrible taste in footwear.


  1. Will you mind if I'm honest? They are hideous!! But I'm sure we're all guilty of buying things just because they're on offer and then never ever wearing them so don't feel too bad about it.

  2. Full marks for honesty, Alice! I nearly did a post this week about a hideous pair of trousers I bought last year for £3 in the sales (and have been hanging in the wardrobe ever since) but didn't have the courage!
    I rather like the first pair, I'd be quite proud of owning those but the other pairs err to much on the side of sporty for me to show any love for them. xxx

  3. hahahaha, these are quite hilariously hideous (:
    lovely post.

  4. haha Alice this post is brilliant! They are quite awful, but we live and learn! You are a brave one, my love and I salute you!x

  5. As I'm pretty sure I've mentioned, I've got a ridiculous amount of things that I've NEVER worn (including shoes)!

    Those last two pairs are really awful, I agree, but there's something I rather like about the first pair.. I reckon I'd wear 'em.. (Although I think that about a lot of things, then never do - they'd more than likely just sit in my house forever more!)

  6. the first shoes looks great ;o)

  7. hahaha! At least you didn't pay much for them! the last pair are a little scary xxx

  8. he he he great post made my laugh these shoes are a bit well words fail me xoxo

  9. Great post! Just be thankful they were all cheap! I have so many things that I have bought and never worn, usually just because they were on sale!

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