A Little Bit of Upholstery

So I’m in the process of getting my craft room together. And I was on the quest to find a chair. Not just any chair, but one that would have a quirky feel to it.

Well I couldn’t quite picture what I wanted until I found it.
I was in a charity shop with my Dad about a month ago and saw an old brown wooden chair sitting all by itself… of course I made a beeline for it.


It’s not often I go shopping with my Dad, we just happened to be popping past and saw it as an opportunity to have a quick nosey. I knew instantly I wanted this chair for my room and knew I could paint it and re-style it my own way.

Oh and best of all, it cost £1.00.

I thought they were having a joke at first, or it had been wrongly labelled, but when I got to the counter the nice old lady was glad someone was buying it and even offered me some more from the back!

I chose the perfect duck egg blue shade, now this colour has been on my mind for a while now, pretty much ever since I saw this picture


I took the plunge and chose Dulux’s Inky Pool 4, it was a lot brighter when we opened the tin for the first time, kind of like one of those ‘Changing Rooms’ moments, but having swatched the colour to match exactly a shade of the wallpaper, I knew it was the right colour.


I must say I am pretty pleased how this little project has turned out; I just love how the paint has really brought out the detailing of the chair. The seat itself wasn’t in too bad of condition, but I’ve updated it a little bit with some vintage fabric I had leftover, my little take on something that was so cheap to do up, hasn’t turned out too bad after all.


  1. Wow, I love this! I usually customise my furniture from Ikea but I'll be looking out for some charity shop bargains now. :) x

  2. wow that looks so nice! You've done a great job x

  3. Amazing! What a fantastic revamp. Love your choice of colours and fabric.
    I've been meaning to tart up our ancient kitchen chairs for ages, you've given me the kick up the backside I've needed to get myself spurred into action.
    Great job, Alice!

  4. Oh what a gorgeous transformation! I'm well impressed with the price of it in the first place and the changes you've made are just beautiful. It makes me smile just to look at it.

  5. This is fantastic! What a brilliant project, and so simple too. I'm definitely looking for chairs at Sunday's car boot! xx

  6. I've just done up a similar chair for the spare bedroom, which will be used when my 3 year old granddaughter stays over. I will be posting pics on the blog soon once I've got the rest of the room finished. You've made an excellent job, I love the shade of blue which ties in well with your choice of fabric - well done. xxx

  7. Alice, this is AMAZING! Please will you make me one? hehe.

    I love it so much, you're right, the blue paint brings out the fabric perfectly! x

  8. big fan of the colour & the chair was such a bargain!

  9. oh, this is just lovely, what a brilliant job you did! the colour and fabric choice is just perfect. plus i just can't believe that the chair only cost you a pound! xx

  10. Wow the transformation is amazning, you've done such a cute job!

  11. Wowee, lovely! You've done an excellent job!

  12. Wow! So inspiring - makes me want to go out and revamp some furniture pronto! :)

  13. Ohmygod. What a steal. I love the color that you chose. It made it look much more modern.


  14. This is sooo beautiful!
    This is what inspired me to customise my own bedroom furniture :)
    You are an inspiration Alice :)


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