A Few Boot Sale Treasures

It’s been a few weeks since visiting a car boot sale, so yesterday we went to a Saturday afternoon sale- a first for me. I must say the inconvenience of not having to get up so ridiculously early was a real necessity.

I firstly found this utterly lovely butterfly tin, my eyes instantly swarmed towards this, I mean I’m a girl who loves butterflies after all. You might remember a few months ago I found a similar tin, which has become one of my favourite things to have on display. Well this one is of a similar theme, but shaped a little deeper and wider, and will be perfect to store all my (messy) paints in.

It wasn’t until I turned it over I realised it was dated, another added bonus of course. It is from 1962 and believe it or not originally stored biscuits. It cost me 50p.

I then saw this purse in a cardboard box on the floor. I was instantly drawn to the quirky elephant print. I wasn’t quite sure whether I really needed another purse so we carried on walking around the neighbouring stalls, when I convinced myself in my head that I actually really did need it after all. So I made a mad dash back within seconds, and it was nowhere to be seen. The seller had moved it on to the table. I was so relieved!

I was unsure of how much it was going to be, for some reason I always seem to exaggerate in my mind the price the seller is going to ask. So I was surprised and pleased when she simply said 50p.

I must admit I didn’t instantly recognize the name Jim Thompson, but it is really of good quality. This is the perfect little purse; I may well have to transfer some bits and pieces right away so I can start using it.

And lastly I’m still hugely on the hunt for Beatrix Potter books. I managed to snaggle two more for 20p each. My collection is coming on nicely, I know these books will last a lifetime and are such loved classics.


  1. i love beatrix potter! & wow, i'm so glad you went back & got that purse because that print is really quirky! lovely post (:


  2. That purse is a beauty! Thank goodness you went back and got it, it would have been a crime to have missed it.
    Love the tin, so pretty. I love vintage tins.
    Great scores, thanks for sharing. xxx

  3. The butterfly tin is beautiful! Vintage tins are one of my favourite things to collect..


  4. Great finds - as always :)


  5. Lovely finds, the butterfly tin is so pretty! The Beatrix Potter books are classics, my mum found the treasury at a boot sale recently for £1 but it is worth a lot LOT more! x

  6. Excellent finds! You have a real eye for spotting fantastic tins.

    Re the grammar thing - I didn't mean you! Can't say I've ever noticed anything wrong with your writing. I love this blog.

  7. beautiful vintage finds and wonderful books- i love Beautrix Potter my idol!
    such a beautiful blog x kazzy x

  8. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog!!
    I like yours! I've had a nosey through, ha! You've made me crave going to a carboot now, we usually go to them often cos my Mom and Dad are antique dealers so they work on them but we haven't been in ages :-( I see that you love Ms Wilson's books too, Lola Rose is my fave! Have you read her bio Jackie Daydream? It's really good!! You've brought back memories too by showing "Please Mrs Butler" that was always our "requested read" at primary school, ha! Right well I've waffled on far too much now, look forward to reading more of your blog! Laura xx

  9. I love that tin! So cute! Really great finds! :)

  10. The tin is a real treasure. Such a perfect house for your paints too! x

  11. That tin is lovely but that purse is gorgeous. The elephant print is lush :) Great finds - as always!

  12. That purse is amazing, I have a big thing for elephants!

  13. You are so right! Taschen does make the best reads! And if we're talking about beautiful and vintage items, then I must say you have some great finds here!


  14. so cute i still wish i had your talent for spotting cheap amazing things! xxx


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