Bits and Pieces

Admittedly this is a bit of a mix match of things that have swept into my life this week. Quite unsuspectingly, not a boot sale or a charity shop in sight…well almost! And having spent only thirty-pence I don’t seem to have done too badly...

Firstly I picked up two old children’s books this week, I couldn’t resist them, however many I seem to have acquired now.

Don’t Forget Matilda! was all on it’s own outside a second handbook shop on a twenty- pence shelf. I was saddened to see this book abandoned almost, and instantly decided it would be mine.

I got home and fell completely in love with the story and the illustrations. So quirky and fun. This one is from 1979.

This Fun With Numbers book is from Oxfam (I told a charity shop lie, it was the briefest of visits in fairness though) and was priced at ten pence. I love finding these sorts of books going for pennies. This ones from 1984, and the bright psychedelics just charmed me.

I also nabbed myself a painting (well actually it’s a print but it still looks fabulous) this was inside a second hand frame my Dad bought for one of his own paintings, and he was planning on chucking the print away...cue my intervention.

On a trip to my parent’s house, I uncovered yet more Beatrix Potter, this time shoved in the spare room in a cardboard box…you may have realised by now my family aren’t the most organised people when it comes to storage solutions.

I found an identical mug to the last one I found, but this time with its original packaging.

Alongside this a Jemima Puddle-Duck book, in what seems pristine condition, I already have this one in my collection, but she is one my favourites after all, so my tatty copy will sit quite nice beside this one.

I also struck an heirloom in this Stratton compact, bought for my Mum on her 21st birthday. Now thinking about it, I think I did recall her once telling me about it, but somehow convinced myself it was a myth.

I have been after one of these for a while now, and failed miserably in finding one on my travels. So to actually find one in my Mums possession is quite a find. I’m sort of borrowing this one, I mean I wouldn’t want to steal my dear Mothers compact after all, but I sure can’t stop admiring it. I may just have to safely look after this for her.


  1. What a fabulous haul you've got there! I'm so pleased you've finally landed a Stratton compact and that one is a beauty. The picture is gorgeous, too something I'd snap up without a moment's hesitation.
    Loving the psychedelic kid's book, wouldn't it make for a fab tee shirt print? xxx

  2. ahh, you have found some lovely things! x

  3. I love the first book, and the compact is gorgeous x

  4. Wow, your home must be full of gems just waiting to be found!

  5. Peter rabbit = all time childhood favourite <3

  6. Oh my Gosh I absolutely LOVED Don't Forget Matildan when I was little! Had completely forgotten about until now.

  7. The compact is beautiful - a real treasure. Even more Beatrix Potter? I think you were an obsessed child! :) xx

  8. I think my mum has the same painting somewhere! I love it <3

  9. I love this rabbit!!! my dad bought me their books!!! :D

  10. I used to have "Don't Forget Matilda" when I was a kid in the 80s. Seeing the cover was a real blast from the past.


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