A Past Love…

Why is it when you’re a kid you just want to stick stickers over everything?
To make a stamp on something that tells the world it’s yours and no one else’s maybe.

When sorting through the garage (yet again)
I found this…

My vanity case from 2001. Omg I loved this garish lime thing. I remember it was my first ‘vanity case’ and was such a statement, as I was a young girl soon to become enriched in make-up and girly stuff.

I was bought this at Christmas, and spent most of the following year carting it around, and displaying it pride of place in my bedroom (yes garish).
It was a few months into owning it; I scratched it on something, and was merely devastated to say the least. So I promptly decided to redecorate the exterior.

I got a lot of the stickers from my favourite ever magazine Elle Girl and the others were most likely from Claire’s Accessories.

It’s funny, me and my Dad were on a trip to the tip, and loading the car, when suddenly he grabbed my lime green box and said "This going?"
If looks could kill, I snatched the box off him in an almost angry fashion and abruptly said "NO Dad".
He proceeded loading the car.

I now have this little beauty at home with me, wondering what on earth I’m going to use it for. Some things I guess you just find it hard letting go of, however hideous and outgrown they have become.


  1. I LOVED Elle Girl! LOVED it. This case is so cute! x

  2. nice... i had a pink one with zebra printed shelves. :D

  3. i have a similar case and also loved elle girl ha ha x

  4. When I was younger, I collected stamps and change stamps with my friend- it was so cute hobby :-))
    I love your blog, cause remember me lots of things from my childhood, thanx ;o)

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