Inspirations: On Film

We are decorating all week and I seriously loathe all the disorganization and mess around the house!
I can’t get to all my trinkets let alone near my bombsite of a closet, so what better time to share some of my all time favourite films...

Harriet The Spy
This girl certainly has a lot to answer for. I grew up fascinated by this film, and will always see it as the film that inspired me to write and document my life. Be it a personal diary or all my best kept secrets locked away in a book in my attic. I even tried to make a replica notepad cover just like Harriet’s. I’m gutted I don’t have this on DVD, but will always be very fond of this tender story.

Factory Girl
I love Edie Sedgwick and the legacy she left behind. This film really made me question Andy Warhol’s intentions and certainly opened my eyes to the sordid things that went on in that ‘factory’. I couldn’t have cast a more wonderful and beautiful individual than Sienna Miller. I loved her in this film.

Marie Antoinette
The costumes, the sets, the cakes, the all round beauty that is this film. I really do not need to add anything else, it is all there.

The Notebook
The love story that I deeply wish I was part of. This is a tale of true love. My heart melted when I saw this film for the very first time. I just love the simplicity and the romance that is Noah and Allie.

Ghost World
Oh how I longed for that raptor t-shirt and the nautical jacket. I still get excited at the thoughts of delving into this blatantly upside down full of quirks and thrills film. Enid was once and partly still is my icon. We’ve all had that awkward time in our lives, mid teen angst and utter urge to rebel, Enid sums all of this up in such a creative and endearing way. Plus I just adore her artwork.


  1. I've never heard of Harriet the Spy, but squealed "It's Dawn!" (from buffy) when I saw the pic :)

    The Notebook made me bawl, but is such a good film.

  2. Ghost World is one of my favourite films ever! And Marie Antoinette. Brilliant picks, we have such similar tastes! :D

  3. i can't believe i haven't seen Harriet the Spy yet! one of my favorite books from childhood.

  4. I adore Ghost World (and there's an Asha Bhosle track at the start, Bollywood meets Hollywood). xxx

  5. Great movie choices there!!!
    Marie Antoinette, literally looked amazing.

    i'm Abi BTW.
    I am Abimarvel.

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  7. Aaaah, The Notebook. What an amazing film. I have to watch it alone though, because it makes me weep! x

  8. Love the movie selections. You make me wanna watch Factory Girl again. <3 that movie to no end. I agree with your insight about Andy Warhol's real intentions.

    wonder about life as as a business college undergrad student in Pennsylvania with random passions? haha ->


  9. I LOVE Harriet the Spy! I kept a notebook after watching that movie. And she had great style for a kid.

  10. OMG!!! i loved wathcing harriet the spy!@! ive read the book and seen the movie- or about a million times!!
    could you check out my blog?

  11. i love the notebook a little too much.
    i really like your blog, i've just started to follow you (:

  12. alice! where are you? i miss your wonderful posts! i bought a pair of unworn vintage st michael white brogues at my local car boot sale and thought of you instantly! they were only four pounds and i've never found a pair of nice shoes in my size (a teeny size three), so i'm so happy :)

    you know when you link a name, item, song..etc to someone? well st michael is my link to you :)

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  13. ah! i loveeee factory girl, marie antoinette andthe notebook! i haven't seen ghost world but i want to now.

  14. i looove the notebook and harriet the spy!!<3


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