A Crafty Little Find…

So I have a little bit of a dilemma.
When sorting through the garage I found this beast...

It’s an Alfa sewing machine dating back to god knows when.
It works sort of, but is very old and worn. You get the idea.

Plus I already have a fully working Brother sewing machine that has served me well for the past 5years.

So do I keep this for the nostalgia sake or do I get rid? I don’t know much about this machine, and it’s obviously not a Singer. (Which secretly one day I long to own a vintage black Singer sewing machine)

I looked Alfa up online and not much came up to be honest, this makes me think maybe there not such a well known brand after all. It too doesn’t really have much of an heirloom factor, as far as I know it didn’t belong to any relative of mine, it was just given to us a few years back.
So my thoughts were to send it to the tip, after all it’s too heavy to take anywhere and unlikely to sell.

But then I have this mad idea to just keep it and have it on display. Which is quite odd to say the least. I mean it’s not exactly small and discreet. I just don’t know.

What do you think? Scrap or keep


  1. Love the Art Deco writing style! I've never heard of Alfa. If you've already got a good and reliable machine I'd try selling it in the local paper, seems a shame to have two and the proceeds could go to something special. xxx
    PS I've got one of those ancient Singers but don't use it very much, I much prefer my basic electric Toyota. Looks pretty, though.

  2. Hi Alice, although I'm quite a bit (haha) older than you it's lovely to find someone else that likes all things vintage and loves the thrill of unearthing something beautiful and unique in a charity shop. In fact you are probably about the same age as my daughters (one of them famously said "i will always love the spice girls" ;D )However they just affectionately think I'm a bit mad (or maybe it's sad, but I prefer to be thought of as mad lol). xxx

  3. Hhhmmm, I think I'd sell it - it's not doing it for me, I'm afraid! I LOVE Singer sewing machines. Saw one for £30 at a car boot a few weeks ago and would've snapped it up if I had that much cash! x

  4. I'm a bit of a hoarder, admittedly, but I'd keep it! I think it's a beautiful object in it's own right. I'd probably put it in the bedroom, on either my dressing table, with the odd pretty necklace hanging from it (don't ask me why!) or on the window sill.



  5. Love the styling of that machine, I'd keep it but I kinda keep everything :D

    My ex-other half rescued one of those old singers from being dumped a few weeks ago and snagged it for me. It works fine, needs a wee bit of tlc but will look fab on display when I've got the space for it, and is a bit nostalgic as my granny had one.

    Even he was in shock that someone would throw one away!

  6. Oh I can never recommend throwing anything away. But realistically...do you have room for it? Even if you won't use it, would it look good on display somewhere? Is it worth enough to sell and then use the profits to treat yourself to something nice?

  7. keep :)

    sewing machine collection!!

  8. keep
    It's a real find! and you can jaz up a room with it..


  9. Keep the old Ms. Alfa sewing machine
    Cleaned up and oiled it is a nice heavy duty machine, doesn't it?


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