Childhood Favourites

I’m keeping this post pretty short, as I could talk about my love for children's books all day long if you let me. But here are some of a hefty bulk of books found in my parent’s garage. These books are my childhood and I love the memories attached to them.

All About Alice
My Mum got me this book for a birthday, and she told me how she bought it because the story was about a little girl called Alice, just like me. I still love this one because it has astonishingly beautiful illustrations, as well as a quirky tale.

The Animals of Farthing Wood was an absolute favourite of mine. I really did love the programme. Similarly I remember getting rather fondly attached to Jolly Snow and Little Bear Lost.

I was very much an ‘animal’ child, I detested dolls and much preferred a soft cuddly version of one of my favourite characters.

The Jolly Postman
These books are stunning, they really are. I don’t know about you but something that has additional letters, envelopes etc is right up my street, the element of discovery is just lovely.

Teddy Bears Picnic
A somewhat all time classic. There are so many different variations of this story, which makes it all the more mysterious.

Old Lady Bird Classics
I remember always visiting my schools jumble sale and buying these. I’m really glad I hung on to them, as they are quite collectable, even if they are a little tatty and almost falling apart. My favourite is the Aesop’s fables; this book taught me so much. Manners and morals to say the least.

Brer Rabbit
Some lovely little tales, filled with the most beautiful illustrations.

And finally a book from a generation before mine, my Mothers...

Tom Puss

I am so lucky to have this, as she doesn’t really have much left from her childhood at all. I can’t find a date on this book, but we are talking between 40-50 years old.

I LOVE that she wrote her name in pencil inside. And how beautiful are the illustrations. This is a classic children’s book, one I will dearly look after.

And I am stunned to discover this is a Marks and Spencer book. I never realised this before! I guess it’s kind of ironic, I have spoke before about my Mums love affair with that shop. It’s very fitting; that the book I have inherited from her childhood is from Marks and Spencer.

I love all my old children’s books and cherish them to a point; if I lost one I would be devastated.
These books make me smile and the stories remain etched in my mind and bring back such fond memories♥


  1. This post has brought back so many memories!
    I used to listen to Jolly snow on tape to make me fall asleep when I was little, I'm sure I still have to tape somewhere.

    I used to love the jolly postman too and had a winnie the pooh version :) xxx

  2. You're bringing back memories! I love the The Jolly Postman and also The Animals of Farthing Wood x

  3. Aww these bring back so many memories- especially animals of farthing wood! i preferred animal toys and stories nice that you have your mums book too! xx

  4. I love the Jolly Postman! I must say, I'm very intrigued by The Big Pancake...

  5. What a lovely collection! Love your mum's book, I never realised Marks and Spencer printed books of that vintage, I thought it was a recent line.
    The Ladybird books are fab, instantly transport me to my childhood. xxx

  6. oh I had quite a few of these too! Animals of Farthing Wood was a favourite of mine too although made me upset! Thank you for sharing these lovely books from your childhood! x

  7. I love The Animals Of Farthing Wood! And I would always get the Jolly Postman books out of the library, I loved all the letters!

  8. I also have a box of old childhood books that I could never throw out, and I'm 30 now! I'd love to be generous enough of spirit to ay I'll pass them on to little cousins etc one day, but the truth is I'll keep them forever!
    I have this vague idea of framing them in a glass coffee table one day- what do you think?

    xxx Maddie


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