A Blast From The Past

I’ve been at my parent’s house yet again digging out past times and nostalgia from my childhood. The garage finally seems to be clearing- basically they hoard like there’s no tomorrow. Although we have easily got triple the amount of stuff for a car boot sale already. So over the next few days I’m going to be showing you exactly what I have dug out, from underneath the midst of clutter. Starting with a few random surprises, I have ever so decided I will be keeping- purely for nostalgia sake of course!

Now I not only found this gem, but I found the original packaging too. Wow. My boyfriend suggested contacting a toy dealer, to see if they would be interested, but fortunately for me, I am much a Mickey Mouse fan and don’t think I can find it in my heart to part with him just yet.

Minnie alike, I couldn’t resist sneaking this plastic (yes plastic) comb into my handbag and a 101 Dalmatian one too. I know technically these should have been well and truly chucked away, but I love a little bit of Disney and kitsch.

Tartan Vanity Case
This apparently my Mum bought as new, but never used. So… she shoved it in the garage. Where’s the sense in that I don’t quite know, but I couldn’t let it slip by. This is the perfect compact tartan case for me.

Oh how I loved and longed for this car. (And secretly still do)

Spice Girls
More of my secret Spice Girl obsession (I was 8 years old what do you expect) If I am right in thinking these are the badges that first named the girls Baby, Sporty etc. Sorry if my Spice Girl knowledge is a little hazy.
Anyhow I ended up with Sporty and Ginger. Complete with packaging.

A few keepsakes, my favourite ever Frosty Froggy toy from the Kinder Surprise eggs back in the day, some obligatory name key rings you just feel awful chucking them away and a miniature picture frame, me in the snow when I was about 10years old.

Stay tuned, as I have a few more bits and pieces (infact one big piece) I will be showing you all.
I seriously don’t recommend hoarding, it’s been hell on earth trying to sort through so much old stuff. Literally every single toy/book/game/thing me and my brother ever owned has been accumulated in our garage for just too long.


  1. i love the minnie mouse comb & penelope car!


  2. I'm an absolutely terrible hoarder too, so I sympathise!

    I'm particularly loving those first couple of items - as I think you said, you can't go wrong with Disney kitsch! Brilliant :)

    I can't get over how much my nephew would LOVE that Mickey Mouse View-Master - he's slightly obsessed with Mickey Mouse & I can just picture his face seeing that! (He's nearly 19 months old btw..)


  3. Amazing in how good shape the view master is in. Love the combs nd vanity case

  4. when I was younger I have the same viewe-master ;o)

  5. Thanks for sharing your treasures! My View-Master was a concrete grey 1960's number, wonder if it's still around? It's almost an antique.
    That tartan vanity case is a beauty, looks like your Mum has the hoarding gene, too. xxx

  6. Oh my gosh, I had that Mickey Mouse viewmaster. I wish I still had it. I remember having Jungle Book slides for it. =)
    I also have one of the spice girls badges in my mum's attic. Scary spice one! =D

  7. Haha wow, so cute! And so retro! :) I completely agree, I wouldnt want to get rid of this stuff either. Total magical finds :) xx

  8. I love rooting around in my folks loft when I'm over in Sweden...
    My mum isn't quite so keen in a 'DON'T MAKE A MESS' way ;)
    I have an entire box full of scrapbooks with Madonna stuff; I was a huge fan back in the 80s & would cut out even the smallest mention of her.
    I never had a viewmaster but a friend of mine did & I remember thinking it was the bees-knees.
    With the absolute saturation of 'Spice Girls' merchandise that was tantamount to their reign at the top, it is perhaps a little odd how I don’t come across more stuff at the car boot sales…I mean was there anything they weren’t plastered all over back in the late 90s?
    There seems to be a little vanity case revival at the moment; I’ve seen a few cool chicks about town sporting them as handbags.

  9. I remember those badges! I think I remember collecting them all but I don't remember where from

  10. I love this post! The viewmaster is probably definitely worth alot! :D

  11. those combs are so cute (:

  12. That viewmaster is fabulous!

    *Spice Girl Nerd Alert* It was Top of the Pops mag that gave them their nicknames back in the day. Those badges were from Big! magazine, I got a fair bit for mine when I sold them a few years back :)


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