A Beatrix Potter Rummage

This is my final post about things I have dug out from my parent’s garage. And I saved my very favourite to last…

I have found the most wonderful Beatrix Potter goodies, the funny thing was they weren’t even all found in one box together bubble wrapped away like you would think. Pretty much the opposite scattered around in a shameful untidy fashion. So I feel more determined to really look after these now. I think most of this stuff was my brothers and then got past to me.

From the original books from my childhood pictured above.

…to this Wedgwood pottery. Quite the collectable for someone like me. I used to break everything when I was a child, so for this to survive in such good condition can only make me think they were out of arms reach.

I also found a pencil. Now I really don’t know how this has survived all the years.

This Dear Peter Rabbit book is on a bit of a familiar theme as the Jolly Postman series. Letters for you to open and discover in your own way. Such a lovely feature.

I just know this could be the start of a well loved Beatrix collection, to think these were sitting in a shoddy cardboard box in the garage a week ago; it really does make me sad that stuff like this has been passed aside and forgotten about.

And in other news… we held a car boot sale this morning. Mainly consisting of all the stuff I decided not to keep from my parent’s garage. I was mortified to be selling my beloved Fashion Wheel and giant Bubbles Powerpuff doll, but I finally have realised I can’t keep everything forever. And now we have some spending money for Brighton next weekend. We made about £40 overall.

But I am sooo glad we went, as obviously me and my boyfriend took turns to go and have a nosey round the other stalls.

I found 2 sought after Jacqueline Wilson’s, it was funny really I mean I never expected to find Little Darlings so soon at a car boot sale. And Hetty Feather has been recommended to me by my wonderful friend. I’d already reasoned in my head that I would pay up to £3 each for them, seems though they were in near perfect condition and the latest releases, When I asked, the seller contemplated a price then asked his daughter, who then said £1.50 for both!!!! This means I pretty much got them for 75p each.

I also picked up another copy of Midnight for my friend who is just as fond of Wilson, just 50p!

I got two more books, one I have been after for a while…Witch Child for 50p
...And from the same 50p box Journey To The River Sea the cover completely swayed me.

Sorry for the extra long post today. I hope I didn't bore you.


  1. I've just spent an enjoyable 10 mins Googling Jolly Postman and reliving some childhood memories! I loved Beatrix Potter too - I have a fine collection of books and some pottery too. Children of the 80/90s! :)

  2. oh, how i love beatrix potter.

  3. I do love Beatrix Potter and how lovely you've still got some of yours? You did do well with your car booting (I usually spend more than I make!)
    Great post, not too long in the slightest. You write so well. xxx

  4. Oh, how lovely! I'm not sure if I mentioned it but theres a Peter Rabbit exhib on at the V&A which you would just love. Great bargains with all of the books!


  5. I remember having those Beatrix Potter teacups and money boxes when I was little!

  6. I have that Beatrix Potter money box! I think I stuck stickers all over it though, silly me! Seeing that picture of it has brought back lots of memories x

  7. These are such amazing finds <3

    I love all the Beatrix Potter things I will post the Peter Rabbit pages I did on my blog soon as promised!

    I am loving Midnight thank you so much, it was great to see you again <3 xxx


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