Teenage Fiction

Following on from Fridays post sharing some of my childhood favourites. These are the books I associate with my teenage years.

As far as reading was concerned, I feel I didn’t read as much as I would have liked to, but there were a few exceptions which captured my imagination…

Stargirl- by Jerry Spinelli
I think I first read this when I was about fifteen, and the whole story completely captivated me. It really was one of those books that made me want to be the character in it.
The way Stargirl was described, her sunflower bag, just totally stole my heart.
Such a mysterious tale, with a completely open ending. A beautiful book, one which will always have a place in my heart.

The Illustrated Mum- by Jacqueline Wilson
Jacqueline Wilson was still a huge favourite of mine. The Illustrated Mum in particular is one that I really enjoyed. I didn’t really know much about tattoos when I was younger. So to read a book all about a woman who gets tattoos was very different for me.
It was told in such a beautiful way. The appeal of Nick Sharrats illustrations continued to inspire me; particularly this cover design is one of my favourites too.

I spent many years wishing I was called Star or Dolphin after reading this.

Nightmare Hour- by R.L. Stine
This was a book I was introduced to at school, and I managed to pick this copy up in a charity shop for £2 some years later.
It’s a book of short stories by whom else but R.L. Stine, much a fan of the TV series Goosebumps, these stories where so different to what I would have normally read and enjoyed. For one I hate horror, but something about these really are exciting.

Stone Cold- by Robert Swindells
Again another book we read at school, it’s actually quite a disturbing story, about a man killing young homeless people, but having studied all the characters, I know this book inside out.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
I had a bit of a phase with Sabrina. The whole witch thing, potions etc. Regretfully I have never read the Harry Potter books, believe it or not.

My cousin would often pass down series of books for me to read, I remember her giving me some Babysitters club ones and the café club. Now how retro is that front cover?


  1. Stargirl was my favourite book for years. It's one of the few books that I kept from that age, loved it. I used to love Jaqueline Wilson too & the Sabrina books :) x

  2. I use to love Point Horror/Goosebumps books they were brilliant, and I think I remember borrowing the babysitters books from the library.

  3. i love recieving comments from you, alice. thank-you! i didn't even realise the lace vest i bought was st michael until i checked the label when i got home. i instantly thought of you when i saw it, though :)

    i adore nick sharrat's illustrations, i always used to copy his style when i was younger, i went through a phase of wanting to be an illustrator because of him! hehe.

    i hope you find yourself a vintage satchel soon!
    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  4. I remember reading stargirl and I absolutely loved it, such a captivating book!

  5. I'm loving these posts - bring back such memories!

    I remember loving 'Star Girl' too - there was a particular quote from it, which I can't remember now (something about pinning down a butterfly I think..), but it stayed with me for ages & really struck a chord. Beautiful book. Actually, I want to read it again!

    I used to read loads of Goosebumps & Point Horror books (& Point Crime/Point Romance etc!) - The Babysitters Club series was also a favourite of mine as a child.. Oh & Sweet Valley High!
    Ooh, & one you've missed out from my point of view - Nancy Drew! Please tell me you used to read Nancy Drew!?


  6. loved sabrina the teenage witch! :D such a good show.

  7. I had all the babysitters club book! I was completely obsessed but my mum gave then all away! xxx

  8. omg i love all these books, il have to dig mine out and have a quick read! xx

  9. Illustrated mum was the shiz! love that so much!

  10. i just found ur blog! i love it, so cute!

    http://theveiledbump.blogspot.com/ ♥

  11. I love your nostalgic posts! I loved The Babysitter Club books when I was younger!

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  13. I read that stargirl book but i totally cannot remember what it is about! ooh. :(
    i loved jaqueline wilson books, vicky angel, girls in love, girls in tears etc, aww.


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