An Old Haunt Of Mine

Long before my ventures to Sunday morning boot sales and frolicking on eBay, I was much a charity shop girl. I would go almost every weekend with my Mum round the local ones.
It was when I went to college I discovered the ‘flea market’. It was a complete scrapheap of junk week after week; I would go every Wednesday mostly on my own and bring back a whole host of goodies. The 20p boxes always enticed me.

Well its years since I’ve been to that market and a good 12months since I’ve been to them charity shops. So this was much overdue...

Adorable kitsch tin from the flea market for £1, I love the cute little illustrations and couldn’t resist it.

I found this bangle in a recently re-opened charity shop for 50p; it’s typically what I go for, vintage florals.

Now I swear I’m turning into some mad old bag and book lady, but my Mum bought me this wonderful bag from Primark. It was reduced to £2 and even though I have a (fair) few bags, I don’t have a bag this size/shape etc...

And as for books. Well I keep telling myself once our bookshelf is full it’s full. NO more. But I couldn’t resist these…

This children’s book from 1967. So terribly cute and cost 25p from one of the smaller charity shops. It includes 8 stories, complete with illustrations. My favourite has to be Cinderella of course!

I also stumbled across this, a book my friend has recommended for many years, I was simply browsing and suddenly recognized the title. This was 99p, I seriously recommend charity shops for books, they cost next to nothing.
I do hope I enjoy it as much as she did♥

I also got some Toy Story goodies. I know, I know how bad am I? These have been given away free all week with the Daily Mirror newspaper and my Auntie has been collecting them for me, I do love the film as you all know and I can’t resist a bit of a freebie.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful illustrations - what a find that was!

    I'm equally smitten with the tin and that lovely bag.

  2. I've got that bag! Although, I paid full price for it AGES ago.. & I've NEVER used it! How silly of me, because I love it, it's great! Definitely going to have to dig it out - thanks for reminding me :)

    Loving the Toy Story bits - is the first one a keyring? I so need a Buzz Lightyear key ring - my nickname at school is 'Buzz' (long story..!)

  3. Oh I adore that vintage tin! I'm so jealous! Great finds as usual. I miss charity shopping too sometimes! x

  4. Oh I do miss charity shopping so much! I've spent the last year abroad (not a gap yah, but what I have to do for my languages degree) and they don't seem to do charity shops elsewhere in Europe!
    I especially love second hand books, I like to see if anyone's written their name inside, or even better a date or a message. And if a note (or shopping list, or revision notes or whatever) fall out - even better! I like to imagine what sort of people owned the book before me and imagine what was happening in their life when they read the book and therefore what effect the story had on them.

    Is that a bit strange?

    Also, you can never have TOO MANY bags! Don't be silly!


  5. I have the free Woody lego figure but the Toys R Us by me were all out of the Buzz figures.
    I joined in with all the 7 year old kids stamping their feet in rage. :P x

  6. I love the cinderella illustration,
    so magical and totally gorgeous <3

    I wish I was as good as you at finding such bargains, the bangle is sooo pretty


  7. Hello Alice! How lovely to find you. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I'm delighted to discover another second-hand buying, cat-loving, book addict and am your newest follower.
    I read that CupCake book earlier this year and was rivetted, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as me. The cat book takes me back to my childhood, fantastic find. The bangle,tin and bag are all just lovely, too.
    Charity shopping rocks! Have a lovely weekend. Vix xxx

  8. Definitely agree about Piece of Cake - AMAZING book, great find for a quid! :)

  9. I have that bag. It's lovely :)

    Katie xox

  10. That bangle is gorgeous. I sometimes scour the flea market too. Theres always a great find!

  11. i may have said this to you before, but i really do look forward to reading your comments, alice!

    ohh, did you? how wonderful! i think i remember the special edition, december 2007 i believe. that's the first issue where i thought, 'i actually want to start collecting these!' i have about fifty vogue magazines now :)

    great bargains! woody looks so cute, hehe.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

    P.S. i might of asked you this already (sorry, i'm quite forgetful sometimes), but whereabouts do you live? the peter rabbit exhib is very cute, you should definately try and have a visit!

  12. The tin is wonderful! I love it!

    I think I might start collecting old children's books. What a lovely thing to pass down to future offspring! :) x

  13. I love meeting a fellow hoarder! I'm always popping in to the charity shops and picking up random bits. My Bf says I have the taste of an old lady (i take it as a compliment) - I love the tin, I have been looking for a cute one for ages! Also I have read that book and its soooo good!

    Cheers Emma x

  14. Oh my God I used to have that book! Where is this flea market of which you speak? It sounds awesome! I do love a vintage tin or two!

  15. Ive read a piece of cake and its an amazing read - you will love it. It gets quite hard to keep up with about 2 thirds of the way through but persevere! :D Paddy † @ LITTLE RAZZI


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