My obsession with free gifts

So when someone wants to give you something for free. Yes completely free you have to take advantage of it right?

Well I am a sucker for a free gift, and I couldn’t believe it when I saw these stacked up in a bulging display at the supermarket.
Now I think Bodyform are very wise, a girl needs to buy these products regardless, but to give away a cute tin to store them in is in my book very wise marketing.
And it wasn’t that long ago they ran the promotion with the free
Jemma Kidd lipglosses.

There are 10 different designs, I chose this one instantly. Some of them look to be prints, however this one is an embossed design. I was ever so tempted by a peacock feathers one too.

To be honest we’ve all been there, rooting through our bags, and subsequently the item we don’t want on display to the viewing public makes a much public appearance! Well this tin is crafty and happens to look very pretty.

And best of all, my ahem… Bodyform cost me £1.00!


  1. such an adorable tin! ohh, i still have one of these from last year! i wonder where i've put it...

    i just tend to leave my girly stuff inside my bag in the little pockets, or right at the bottom. i don't really get embarassed if i drop one nowadays, i think it's quite funny watching other people get embarrased, hehe.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  2. Ooooh amazing! Get me to the shops!

    This is so cute. I'm forever dropping mine all over the floor!


  3. A peacock feather tin? Excuse me whilst I hot-foot it to town to pick one up pronto! I can't believe I missed this offer when I was dragged round Superdrug by my girlfriends, I shall definately be acquiring one of these beauties. xx

  4. Another free gift from Bodyform, ohhh I'll defiantly be getting this! Been after one for a while, Thank you!

  5. Ooooh I want one! What a fab thing. Boots for me on the way home then!

  6. HaHa I love free stuff too! That tin is adorable and great for hiding what you don't want to be seen =]

  7. I have noticed Bodyform always do have a good free gift. Loving that tin!

  8. Very cute, everyone loves a freebie!

    P.S I have tagged you in an award on my blog!

  9. very cute tin for sure. the peacock one does sound pretty. . I don't think we have these here in Canada :( ... none of them give free gifts come to think of it!
    New follower here.. hope you can check out my blog and return the favour


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