A Love Affair

So as you may know TKMaxx’s stock is so unpredictable at the best of times.

WELL I have been on the hunt for some crafty storage for a while now and I was browsing the home ware section when I spotted a clearance shelf. Now seriously if the normal TKMaxx stock wasn’t enough of a jumble sale, the clearance lines are seriously something else.

I saw these bright coloured objects. I can only describe them as
‘kitchen kitsch’

Now I’m not the most conventional person and my love for interiors doesn’t seem to go away.
I suddenly could envisage lots of creative ways to use these. I know these are technically meant for the ‘kitchen’ but so be it, I am smitten.

I’m going to be using the one on the left to store all my keepsake cards in. And the one on the right to home all my crafty bits.
The little pot presumably meant for cutlery, I am going to be using to store all my crafty tools in, pliers, scissors, knitting needles etc.

As much as I kind of like the retro hearts in a tacky sort of way, I am planning on repainting these like I did here. I’m hoping for a more simplistic and shabby look.

As I said earlier these were on clearance, but they had quite a few at my store of each. The most expensive one was the one on the left at £5, the one on the right was just £3 and the pot was £2. So all in all this lot cost me a tenner, but hopefully I will soon have a whole new storage system :)

I can’t wait to get on with this little project.

& finally this weekend we went strawberry picking. Yum Yum Yum.
This whole basket was £2.45! Bargain. It was super busy, and I somehow managed to get covered in strawberry juice but it was a very enjoyable experience to say the least. :)


  1. Oooo what great bargains! I love how TK Maxx do one off pieces you won't find anywhere else! Looking forward to seeing what you store in them! :) xx

  2. Aww they are so cute :) Great ideas to use them for :) x

  3. Oh they're fab! I rather love the heart print but the shape of them is really handy so they'll be just as good painted up.

  4. Wow they're great - well spotted :)

    Can't believe the price of those strawberries - I paid £2 for a little punnet in Morrisons today!


  5. I can't wait to see the finished result, I love how you transform things into something even more beautiful <3

  6. TKMaxx bargains are the best! It can be frustrating going through all of their clearance stuff (which is organised worse than a jumble sale!), but it's nice when the effort is rewarded with a good bargain like that :P

  7. TKMaxx can be great sometimes!! You got a great bargain! There are lovely and think they could totally work in a bedroom or study instead of a kitchen!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  8. Wow that heart print is adorable! Great finds. xo


  9. I SO need to do this strawberry picking thing! They look so tasty!

    I love TK Maxx home. Great buys. x

  10. Those strawberrys look so yummy! Fab TK Maxx finds!!

  11. what bargains, i really can't wait to see how you 'shabby chic' these pieces up! i agree with jen, i must go strawberry picking soon. so many bloggers have been doing this lately, it's making me rather jealous, hehe.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  12. You always find great things in TKMaxx. I really don't like it in their shops so don't spend long in there, probably why I've never found anything good!

  13. oh my God, these are AMAZING! so jealous, I want!!!


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