He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.

On the little path leading towards our house, I recently noticed it swarming with daisies. This suddenly sparked a little fascination. And so I decided to have a little play around in my scrapbook…I think a certain Mr Jacobs had a lot of influence here.

So today I went and picked a few. It’s not quite a bouquet of flowers for the non borrowers among us, but I decided to give my much adored flower press some use.

I got this quite a few years ago. It was brand new from the Boots children’s department, but honestly it has never had much use, probably because I’m impatient and always think the flowers should be ready sooner.

Daisies assembled. I will be opening them up in one week’s time. I really do hope that is long enough.

And also. If by coincidence I saw these pictures of the lovely Fearne, wearing a daisy chain headband.

The wonders a daisy can bring. I remember sitting on the playing fields in junior school making daisy chains with my friends.
And often a time, picking one and doing the he loves me, loves me not thing. I was thinking it’s actually a 50/50 chance of him loving you.

Not the most ACCURATE relationship advice in hindsight. :)


  1. I love daisies, remind me of summer days when lunchtime was spent making a 20ft long daisy chain which we would decorate the whiteboard with before the teacher came back :)

    Haha, they definitely didn't give the best advice! But why waste them on smelly boys when there are daisy chains which could be made?!

  2. Obviously I love daisies too. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your press!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  3. I love, love, love daisy chains. I used to sit for hours making huge strands of daisies then wrapping them around myself like scarves. Such a wonderful summer pastime.

    I think I have this exact flower press somewhere... like you, not used often (maybe never)! x


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