The clothes I just don’t wear…

Have you ever bought anything and never worn it?

I have serious bouts of this and I’m not just talking the odd dress that looked better in the shop on the clearance rail. Do I just buy the wrong things, or am I just having a bad case of clothes hoarding?

Believe my I’ve cut down hugely. I used to own a closet several times larger than I do now. But I really wish, I knew how to wear some of the clothes I still own.
Now these 4 pieces are items I instantly snatched from the rails. These are items I WANTED to own. Yet they have been hanging in my wardrobe collecting dust for just too long.

Exhibit No.1

An H&M skirt bought many years ago on clearance for £5.

I bought this instantly because I loved the fabric and the colour, yet I have never known ‘how to wear it’ I never know whether to tuck in or tuck out and all in all I crumble at putting together a girly outfit.
But I still to this day love the design of this skirt, so parting with this is not likely to happen.

Exhibit No.2

Vintage lace dress bought from charity shop for £1

This dress is so timeless and classic. However it has only just survived the cut. I mean I think it was bagged up for charity once, but I salvaged it at the last minute. However I hold my hands up to have never actually have worn this. This is the typical ‘I like it on the coat hanger’ which later translates to ‘I don’t like it on me’ dress.

Exhibit No.3

Harajuku Jacket bought in River Island for £35

To be quite frankly honest I bought this because it has ‘harajuku’ embroidered on it. As stupid and strange as it may sound. I was huge on harajuku and I do love embroidery.
I have worn this probably twice- three times pushing it going a few years back. At the time I bought it, I had real long hair down the bottom of my back, so the whole embroidered design was actually hidden under my hair. Pointless seems to hop into my mind.

I then had an even more unfortunate experience in which I saw a woman wearing it in quite an unflatteringly way. I know I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, but it just totally put me off wearing it. YET it still hangs in my wardrobe.

Exhibit No.4

Lakers vest bought from charity shop for 50p

I wish I had guts. I really do. When I bought this I had this whole mad idea that it was retro and cool. And secretly I always wanted to own a basketball shirt. So to me this is COOL. But I totally bottled out of it. I mean I won’t even wear this in the house without feeling stupid, though I know on anyone else I would think it looked totally cool.

What is a girl to do, when she blatantly loves clothes, but seriously has no confidence/charisma to pull the damn things off.


  1. The skirt is pretty and you can wear it with a white fitted tank top and perhaps a necklace that matches in color. If I have not worn something in 2 or more seasons I usually toss it or wear it on a not so busy day to see how I feel bout it.

  2. I was about to say exactly the same thing about the skirt! A white vest top would look great with it and perhaps in the autumn you could team it up with some grey tights and a cardi.

    Does the lace dress suit your shape? If not, there's really no point keeping it, no matter how timeless or classic it is.

    Haha, I have a massive oversized NFL top that I never wear. I think I just like the person who gave it to me so I don't want to get rid of it for sentimental reasons.

  3. oh my goodness, the vintage lace dress is beautiful! please, please, please wear it! at least around your house for now, until you get the confidence to wear it outside! it's just too beautiful to not wear. but i totally get what you mean, though. i have bought things but have been to afraid to wear them out. the skirt is very pretty, too. why don't you just team it with a plain grey vest tucked in?

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  4. I do this all the time. As in, constantly! It's a real problem.
    And like you say, it's not just the odd sale item, bought on a whim - some of the things I've never worn are things that I coveted for AGES before finally buying. Things I so badly wanted.
    And a lot of it, again, like you, is that I buy things having convinced myself I'll be able to pull it off, then don't have the bottle. Sad really huh!?

    Maybe we should swap our unworn items! Exhibit 1 & 2 would be very much welcomed into my wardrobe! :p
    Nah, that's another thing I have serious issue with - getting rid of ANYTHING. Even things I've never worn, or know full well I'll never wear.. I still for some reason, feel the need to hang on to them!
    Although, I am trying to change.. I am going to sort out some things & have a blog sale soon. I really really am.. Honest!

  5. I love this post, Alice because I adore restyling clothes. Here's my thoughts on the top two.

    1. The skirt is a pretty colour & shape and I'd toughen it up with a black velvet blazer, a faded to grey skinny-fit band teeshirt,black opaques and heeled ankle boots.
    2.Get an old pair of coloured footless tights and cut out the crotch, stick it on over your head and use the legs as sleeves, this way you've a skinny top which adds interest to the black. Add a contrasting belt and some pretty ballet pums.

    No idea on the last two as I'm not a sporty clothing fan. xxx

  6. I'm not *too* bad, but I definitely have items in my wardrobe which I love, but which just end up gathering dust. A lack of guts is one problem, but I'm slowly getting over it, or a lack of items which 'go', which just means time to do more shopping!

  7. If you don't wear them but can't bear to part with them, why not display them around your home instead? I bet the vintage dress and gorgeous silk skirt in particular would look lovely hanging on pretty coat hangers. And that Lakers shirt is begging to be framed and hung in a games room! :) xx

  8. I love this post because I feel exactly the same as you. I buy so many beautiful things but then dont have the confidence to wear them.

    Please wear the lace dress, it really is beautiful and I bet it would look lovely on you! x

  9. i have a photo of you in the lakers top with that mental long hair covering everything whilst sat amongst your massive old wardrobe of clothes..... you had better be nice to me alice haha x

  10. I do this quite a bit. I really want a Lakers top! xxx

  11. You have some great and unique pieces I am sure one day you will find a way to style them and be glad that you kept hold of them xoxo

  12. Yeah, if you spend more than £25 then you can collect in store for free - it is a good idea. Although, after I'd placed the order, I got an email with a free (home) delivery code if you spent more than £20, so I was a bit annoyed - but oh well!

    Yeah, I'm def going to reserve judgement until the bag arrives.
    I obviously thought I liked it, because i wouldn't have bid on it. It was when I won it that I suddenly really wasn't sure if it was just gaudy & horrible! But like you say, we'll see, & then yes, I'm sure I can pass it on if I hate it! :)

  13. totally agree - i think everybody falls victim to the trap of buying things and never wearing them. that would be a fun challenge to try to wear all the things you've got in your closet that you've never worn! xx


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