What’s up pussycat?

There’s no denying my love for cats. And I guess sometimes there’s just that amount of necessity to purchase a cat related item.

I love H&M t-shirts, and what did I spy yesterday? This white tee reduced to £3
The sequins are so pretty, even if I just wear this around the house it’s sure to bring a smile to my face.

& the real life version…

He’s nearly 5months old now, so I like to think of him as big and strong. But reality is he is spoilt rotten as always♥


  1. ahh, your cat is just so cute! :) i saw that top whilst shopping the other day, what a bargain! what was the original price?

    jazzabelle. xxx

  2. Oh he's gorgeous! I love cats when they're in that teenagerish sort of stage and haven't quite grown into themselves yet.

  3. Awww youe cat is absoulutley gorgeous :) <3

    Nicola xo

  4. Your cat is gorgeous! Love that tee!

  5. your kitty is so sweet!! To be honest, I've always been afraid of cats. I like cat shirts, cat mugs, cat everything...but cats themselves scare me! hahaha :) you're making me rethink my ways, however:)

  6. awww your cat is so cute:)

  7. Thanks for the comment :)

    It's annoying because my nearest Dorothy Perkins is a nearly hr long bus ride away.. but I REALLY want that bloody bag!

    I definitely agree with the free delivery thing - I order loads from Play.com & Amazon & HMV etc - & now I've discovered chiarafashion & now asos has a free delivery option, it just proves that it can be done - so why don't more companies do it!? Grrr..!

    Anyway, rant over!

    I keep being really tempted by that H&M tshirt.. but I've managed to resist so far, because actually I'm really not a fan of cats! Although, gotta say that your cat is cute - he's a gorgeous colour :)


  8. Great find :) and cute cat, look at that pose! Looks like somebody likes the limelight ;)


  9. he has grow so much! still a cutie though! <3


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