I’m going on holiday tomorrow. So this means no blogging for me for a whole week. But I will be catching up with all your blogs once I am back in the country, in fact I think it will be kind of refreshing to come back with lots to read and hopefully lots to write too :)

I strangely enough haven’t bought that many holiday clothes, I had plenty of shorts, vests already. So hoping that means I’m allowed a little splurge on the duty free to make up for it. Surely...

BUT I did pick up a few last minute things.
And surprisingly they were all from Sports Direct- a sports shop really?

Firstly these beasts. Gladiator sandals

I hear myself saying 'why have I not invested in a pair before?'

Well I don’t really know actually. I’ve been on the lookout for a few months for the perfect pair, but I’ve been put off by embellishments and colours.
I saw a wonderful pair of studded ones in Primark, but I really disliked the back zip on them.
So I then decided I just wanted a basic pair. Nothing fancy, just basic.
These were £4.99 and are by Miss Fiori. I’m not expecting these to hold out for years, but at this price they will be perfect for the holiday :)

And then whilst on my way to the till I found a display full of accessories. It really didn’t feel like I was in a sports shop at all.

Everything was reduced also! So I did spend a while deciding what to buy.

I got this ring for 99p
And this versatile bobble/hairclip/brooch also for 99p

Anyways. I have rambled on too much now. And need to finish packing.
I will speak to you all very soon ♥


  1. I love these bits! The ring is beautiful.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday my lovely, can't wait to hear all about it! x

  2. love your blog

    checkout my shoppingblog

  3. Have a wonderful time :)

  4. Hope you have a great holiday :)

    I'm rather disappointed today that I was in town & walked right past Sports Direct - looks like I missed out on some potential purchases - pretty stuff there!

  5. Have a great holiday, those glads are a bargain!

  6. Wow, what brilliant finds! I was a bit late on the whole gladiator sandal trend, but I glad I gave into it, they are so comfy :) have a brilliant holiday, look forward to an update when youre back xx


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