I find this weather impossible. In fact I hate it. I hate that when I apply my make-up it some how ends up melting off my face. Not a good look.
So for days now, I have been makeup free.

Please take me back to 1997 when the Spice Girls were so now. How do I still own this...

I like how the colours are impossibly unsuitable even for my then 8 year old self.

They were the days...


  1. hehe, i love it! oh how i wish i kept all of my old makeup sets. you really are one for nostalgia! :)

    thank-you for your lovely comment regarding my artwork. i'm so please you like it! i so can't wait to continue adding parts to it, which i shall hopefully post over the course of the summer.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  2. haha... how do you still own this?! What fantastic ice cream colours though! x

  3. Get it on ebay! haha
    The blusher looks nice though xx

  4. Oh gosh that is amazing! I love the pastel colours! x

  5. Haha! Brilliant! You were obviously fond of the green! :) x

  6. Great blast from the past! Very on trend pastel colours though!!

  7. Ekkkk. I had this! I miss the spice girls so much x


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