Poundland…Need I Say More?

A Girl For All Seasons- A Year In High Heels

So for a while now I’ve been discussing Poundland and there intriguing book section…

From spotting this book I actually already had a copy of The Cheap Date Guide To Style to buying
The Goddess Experience
and then if by luck stumbling accross The best of Cosmopolitan

I nipped into Poundland earlier this week and found this delight…

YES another fashion/girly book. This is seriously the fourth one I have found now.
It looked like they had just been placed there, like literally stocked up. There were at least 10 copies, so instantly I grabbed mine and headed to the till.

The book is the follow up to the highly acclaimed ‘How To Walk In High Heels’ and it’s pretty much a similar concept. But this time has the quirky addition of being split into months.

It gives you all the advice a girl could wish for (literally) from writing letters to how to customize your cakes.
Chuck in a foreword by Manolo Blahnik and some utterly gorgeous illustrations throughout. This book is so delightful.

This book cost me £1 and the rrp is £16.99!
It’s hardback and very chunky indeed for coffee table standards.

Never underestimate Poundlands ability to make me a very happy shopper♥


  1. You always find such bargains! I don't have a local poundland, but whenever I do visit one around every few months I NEVER find anything good like this. Very jealous! xx

  2. that book looks gorgeous! i need to take a trip to poundland soon just for the books :p

    you can never have too many style books. :D x

  3. Ohh I know were to head on tomorrows lunch break!

  4. We've noticed in my family that it's definitely worth checking out Poundland for books - we've managed to pick up a few good ones. There's always nice ones for my nephew, but we've also managed to get some good Christmas presents - autobiographies & similar.


  5. Cant believe you got that in poundland! I read a year in high heels when I was on holiday in sept and loved it :) Dont think I have a poundland near me, but as soon as I see one I will need to go in for a look! xx

  6. WHERE do you live???? my pound shops dont have ANYTHING like this EVER.... haha. may have to take a trip to where you are ;)

  7. You've had so many amazing books from Poundland! I'm going in my local tomorrow to hunt this bad boy down! x

  8. Oh I do like this book. I think I prefer her first one but this was good fun too.

  9. You have such luck find great things in Poundland!

  10. Ooh, it sounds quite interesting. I didn't even know Poundland had a book section. I'll have to check if ours does:)

  11. I love Poundland for random little finds like this :) Good find!

  12. What a great find! Can't wait to go home to see my parents, theres a poundland there! yay!


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