Benefit Stole My Heart

If you have been living under a rock then you may not have heard all the hype surrounding a certain magazine freebie. Otherwise you may just be reading this for the billionth time...I apologise.

Well I was away all of last week, which could have meant me missing out, so I enlisted my Mum to hunt down the much coveted copies of 'Julys' issue of Glamour magazine.

In fact as scandalous as it may sound, she bought the exact same 3 copies for herself. Sometimes we just can’t resist a bargain or two!

But seriously, I have lusted after the Bad Gal eye pencil since I was about 14 years old, so to finally have it in my possession is something I can finally check off.

I’m presuming this freebie is old news now, but you may remember me as the girl who munches flakes at rapid speeds all for the chance to win a lipstick.

Well they say perseverance pays off. And it certainly did.
Look what coincidently arrived through my letterbox yesterday. (I won a few weeks ago, but was waiting to tell you all when it arrived)

I chose ‘do tell’ and I am very pleased.

It certainly was a ‘Beneficial’ day to say the least.


  1. I got the Bad Girl liner, like you i've wanted to try it forever! x

  2. Ooh lovely freebies! I've just been treated to some Benefit lip glosses - fab stuff.

  3. I won a flake lipstik too, I got la la land, and all 3 glamour mags, and a few for others too! Benefit is everywhere at the moment!

  4. amazing lol and you got to eat lots of flakes! :)

  5. yay for benefit! I got the eye bright, but may go and see if i can get it stick too! too much of a bargain to miss!! xxx

  6. Love all the Benefit freebies going on at the moment!

  7. Yay! I am pleased you found them all! I managed to get all three on holiday.... Glamour magazine is a bit rubbish though! x

  8. hehe, me and my mum were like that last year with the benefit lipglosses :) what colour is the cover stick by the way? i assume it would be too light for me?

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  9. I won 3 times with my flakes! I got 2 of the glosses and 1 of the lipsticks! I had my boyfriend eating them all the time! xxx


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