TKMaxx Pick Me up…

TKMaxx has always been a regular haunt of mine. Back in my teenage years I would often find cut price Emily Strange/Ruby Gloom/Roxy/Billabong goodies. I also find it incredibly good for homeware, sometimes much a treasure trove.

I have endless items in my wardrobe that have come from that shop, but today I really did find something I truly love.

This Gharani Strok top. I have lusted over this brand for too long, and love flimsy tops like this. So you could say this was truly meant to be. And I just know it will be great over my swimsuit on holiday.

& finally how much did it cost?

RRP £110….

I paid …£7! Yes, in fact it had been more in TKMaxx but looks to have been reduced down. You just got to love the red stickers.

There’s nothing quite like finding a bargain that you just know you will wear again and again. :)


  1. wow, what a fantastic find! I love TK Maxx, you find some real treasure in there! Some of my best finds include a Versace top with an rrp of £250 for about £10 and loads of DKNY stuff for cheap!

  2. wow! this is such a good find. i always mean t have a rummage in here but somehow never seem to get around to it!

  3. Oh that's utterly beautiful.

  4. That top is beautiful! what a bargain! well done on finding such a great treasure! x

  5. 1. What an amazing find.

    2. Thank you, so very much for the kind comment. It meant a lot.


  6. Fab top, I love TK Maxx. My best bargain has to be a set of 4 fab suitcases, RRP £450 TK Maxx price £95

  7. wow what a beautiful top, and the reduced price is something to smile about!


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