A Scrapbook Affair...

Scrapbooks have always been a huge part of my life. I love making collages and I love collecting images.

I have recently begun a new scrapbook project, that I will be showing you all soon.

But I have discovered some of my old scrapbooks, and thought it would be nice to reflect on a few previous scrapbooks I have compiled over the years.

This is one of my earliest scrapbooks, there wasn’t really a theme here, just more of things I liked and wished I could own one day. I started this one when I was about 14; I remember backing the cover with part of a Miss Sixty catalogue and feeling so fashionable at the time.

This was the first scrapbook where I started thinking about what I was putting together. I really got into the themes and colour. This one I started to build together as an ongoing project. I was influenced by designers a lot but also combined pretty imagery and my own photographs.

This is a little scrapbook/journal I filled with relevant things that had inspired me. I made lots of notes and ramblings along the way. I also began talking about makeup in here! Which I had never done before

This is my most fulfilled book, 50 back to back pages in total. I had been storing ideas and images for a while, so when I finally purchased this clear Paperchase plastic file, I had a complete open canvas, and the ideas just kept flowing. This to date is my best scrapbook; it incorporated trends, designers, colours, patterns and celebrities. I simply loved this book. The folder was the best £4.75 ever spent. Plus it has the extra bonus of protecting the pages in years to come.

Sorry for the picture overload here, but I just wanted to show you a good glimpse into my ideas and inspiration.

& also I love seeing other people’s scrapbooks, so if you have any posts or anything relating to scrap booking be sure to give me a shout :)


  1. awh this is a fab idea! i love scouting mags but then throw most of them, what a wonderful idea to keep all the images you like. I may have to take this on board.

    Looks lovely

  2. i love this - you've actually truly inspired me. x

  3. I once made a scrap book for my boyfriend about our trip to New York. I wish I'd taken photos of all the pages.

    I gave it to him for a present for our five year anniversary. I love this idea you have though. I always throw away magazines, but I love what you've done here :)


  4. love your scrapbook & love scarp booking. It is so relaxing!


  5. I love these! you have such a talent at sticking things together that work so well! i loved this post! hehe xxx

  6. I love scrapbooks! Must have been so nice to look back on your old ones :) You've inspired me, I'm gonna dig mine out now x

  7. ooo...I love these, dear. I have some of my own on my blog. <3

  8. These are lovely, really lovely! :) thank you for sharing xx


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