A Rainy Boot Sale

So a booters worst enemy is the weather, simple right. Plan a sale on a sunny weekend? If only we knew it was going to be so cold and wet! But the sale went ahead…

Up at 5am and stall set up by 6am!
It wasn’t half as busy as usual and our clothing rail blew over….which made me awfully sad.
But all in all we managed to take £64.51. Which is better than nothing and is going towards holiday spending money!! :)

So I couldn't resist not having a little wander to a few stalls, and managed to pick up these two…

This Anna Sui Dreams perfume for 50p!
It’s the 30ml version and I don’t have this bottle, so I’m very happy. And half of the perfume is still left :)

I also spied this J by Jasper Conran waistcoat for 20p! it is in perfect condition and I love the embellishments♥


  1. what AMAZING finds! i think i should start attending boot sales x

  2. That waistcoat is absolutely gorgeous - I can't believe how cheap it was!


  3. Well done you! :) The morning I did one the wind and rain was awful, it was dark and cold and my poor boyfriend set up the stall with me. Over the morning we got our cups of tea and bacon rolls and the sun came out :) id like to do it again, its not hard to organise but its always easier when the weathers better and youve got loads of stuff to sell! I think I made £40 at mine but I know what I'd do differently next time.

    Loving your finds too! :) xx

  4. ahh, that waistcoat is so cheap, what a bargain! whereabouts do you live? with bargains like that it can't mbe london?! haha :)

    thank-you for you sweet comment. xxx

  5. Great finds - there seems to be a massive lack of car boots in my area, its a shame because they always look so fun!

  6. Such a shame it was raining, although it looks like you did pretty well anyway!

    I LOVE that Anna Sui perfume. It was my signature scent aged 17 and a sniff takes me right back! Love it!

  7. 64 quid on a rainy day is amazing! Well done! That waistcoat is amazing, great find :D x

  8. The perfume is amazing! Nice add to your collection :) xxx


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