My Nostalgia- Some old keepsakes

I’m an addict when it comes to treasure troves. And often dream about one day owning the ‘perfect’ collection.

So I’ve finally managed to sort through some of my old toys from my parent’s house, and have boxed up the real keepsakes for some generations to come. I can be ruthless when it comes to clearing out, but I could not find it in my heart to part with these…

I am a Disney girl at heart. And pre pixar, Aladdin was my all-time favourite Disney film growing up. There was something so magical about the setting and story. I loved Jasmine’s beauty. And the quirkiness of Abu.
My mum would often choose a certain theme for our Birthdays growing up. I remember the year she bought me all Aladdin presents, I was mad about this film and so thrilled with everything.
I remember opening this gold handbag and purse first, then each figure separately. Notice the real size Genie lamp, the amount of times this featured in made up games. A real keepsake.

Why is it kids collect badges? They always come attached to birthday cards for one. Here we have Sooty and co, I remember getting these at the Sooty shows we would go and see at the local theatre.
The o so whimsical Button Moon, and a few pony ones for the ride.

Me and my brother had loads of these. It’s funny I chose all the girly ones and just liked collecting them really. And not forgetting Tazos. Who didn’t collect these? I wish Walkers crisps had things like this in now. Must have totally been a 90s thing for sure.

And finally…

These beauties. A whole box full before my eyes.

Polly Pockets from 1989-1996

I wanted these a few years ago, and nagged my parents to whereabouts they were. I was utterly convinced they had been thrown away because they never turned up. Turns out after all they were sitting pretty in a shoebox in the back of the garage. I suppose I should have known they wouldn’t have been chucked, just ‘misplaced’ rather.
I love the memories attached to these things, but equally love the detailing and stories to each one.
My all time favourite is this 1989 Christmas one. Really is so beautiful. Christmas is my favourite time of year also.

Polly Pocket is almost as big as Barbie for me. It’s that fantasy girly world again, that I just loved when I was a child. And secretly still adore now.


  1. I loved Polly Pockets!! Unfortunatly my mum was very ruthless when it came to clearing out the loft and there isn't much in the way of chilhood treasure left up there!

    The lamp is amazing! I would have loved one of these! You are lucky to have such a collection! <3

  2. I loved Polly Pockets, am pretty sure all of mine have probably taken a trip to the charity shop by now though :(

  3. i never understood polly pocket, but i sooo loved button moon! i watched a re run on youtube the other day, and its hilarious how i never knew as a child that all they were was a wooden spoon, fairy liquid bottle n a heinz tin covered in paper mache and paint haha love it! i also collected the WB tog things. I dont have any of my childhood toys :-(
    Keep on to them polly pocket is already becoming collectable

  4. Oh I had a brilliant pony themed Polly Pocket. I loved it! My real childhood love was Sylvanian Families though and I still have all of them.

  5. Gosh a blast from the past! I used to have loads of Tazo's and pogs, wonder where they are now?

  6. This is SUCH a great post! I was obsessed with Aladdin and Polly Pocket - you have an amazing collection!

  7. What a lovely post! We must be around the same age as I had a lot of these when I was little! I love Aladdin too, I am a huge huge Disney fan! So much so that I vowed that if I ever have a little girl, I will call her Jasmine :p

  8. I used to love Polly Pocket =] You have a great Aladdin collection

  9. What a great post!
    I love Polly Pockets too, they are just so sweet.
    And Button Moon was awesome :)

  10. ah, it's good to hang on to these kind of memories. my mam has kept lots of my old childhood toys, she could not bear to part with the dolls house. i have been thinking for a long time i would love to have it out on display somewhere.

  11. Wow, so many nostalgic and retro things you have here! What an awesome little collection, makes me wish I'd kept more stuff from when I was little. I bet if you keep all this stuff safe it will be worth good money in years to come! :) xx

  12. I had nearly forgotten about pogs. That takes me back about 12 years.


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