Forever Young

Yesterday was my 21st Birthday. Feelings on that are mutual. I want to stay young forever, but don't we all. I don't really see this age as a huge milestone, there are still plenty more things I feel I need to achieve/do. Age is just a funny thing.

Anyway a few goodies I very kindly received :) I just love unwrapping presents, nothing beats a surprise.

Obligatory champagne, new flutes and a rather swish Star by Julien Macdonald martini glass from my Mum.

Cath Kidston bracelet from the Mr. I fell in love with this bracelet as soon as I saw it and specifically chose this one. With a newly cleaned marshmallow man and a surprise miniature grow your own. I love my Mr♥

Make-up wise, I finally got my Alice. And am blessed with the MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and some UD liners.

My wonderful friend sent me these delights. Emma Bridgewater doodlepad♥

More presents, and the filofax I had been really wanting for ages.

A lovely new watch, and some rather beautiful bracelets.

The final 3 Snow Bunnies and my 1st Sunshine Cutie. Now that’s a total of 11 of these damn things and still 4 to go. But I am determined not to ever fall out of love with these.

AND because my Mr knows me better than anyone he bought me a hella lot of these…

God forbid there actually be a winning lipstick in there.


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday! :) Great presents! Your boyfriend is so sweet for buying you so many Flakes :) xx

  2. Happy belated birthday :)

    You got some great gifts - your boyfriend certainly seems to know you well/have good taste - that, or he's very well trained!

    Good luck on getting a lippie!

  3. Happy 21st! You got some fab presents, i love the bracelet xx

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Lovely presents. Hoep you had a lovely day :D x

  5. happy belated birthday! what a clever guy getting you all those flakes! ;-) X

  6. Aww happy birthday for yesterday!! such lovely gifts :D the bracelt is amazing! good luck with your flakes! i won two out of about 10 flakes so you have a good chance :D x

  7. A belated Happy Birthday!
    All your presents look so good! Have fun munching through the choccies :)

  8. I didnt know it was your birthday! Congrats on being 21 :D

    I wish I could stay young forever too :(

    What lovely presents though! And OMG the FLAKES! x

  9. happy belated bday hun! some gorgeous gifts, it was my birthday on the 12th and i too received those thortons moments! haha along with a bag of chewy caramel that i opened last night tut tut.
    GL with the lipstick win, i know people that have had numerous wins, so you're in with a chance with that lot hehe x

  10. Aww you got some really nice things! You are really lucky! The bracelets are my fave I think! xxx

  11. Happy Birthday hope you had a fab day , I love your blog

    I love the braclet you got for your birthday it is beautiful.

    you got some fab prezzies

    Ema x

  12. happy birthday for yesterday, my dear! ahh, you recieved such lovely presents. the cath kidston necklace is just so pretty and the emma bridgewater pad doodlepad is very cute. cor blimey, that's a lot of flakes, good luck! xxx

  13. Happy Birthday lovely! Oh, to be 21 again! :)

    Love all the Flakes. What a sweet present! Hope you win a lippie - I just bought three and didn't win a thing! x

  14. Happy 21st for yesterday. Looks like you got lots of fun stuff.

    And thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog, I'm feeling better today.

  15. Ahh, you're so young! (I only say that as it's been way too long since I was 21!)

    Love the flakes!

  16. Happy belated birthday! I love that bracelet, your other half has remarkably good taste!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  17. Have fun eating all of those flakes! :) x

  18. Haha, aw bless I love your chocolate collection. It looks like you have got some cute things there:)


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