Monday, 31 May 2010

Flutter On By

I got this tin this morning from a car boot sale, we nipped to.
It was 20p and I love it.

I told you my love of butterflies had enchanted me again and it seems this tin was the perfect find today. I don’t know how old it is/what it was originally used for, but I am in love with it's old aesthetic.

I can’t decide what to store in it, I am thinking maybe personal things, letters/postcards, although I have not decided yet♥


  1. That's a lovely tin - I've got a thing for butterflies too :)

    Thanks for my comment!

  2. That tin is gorgeous - I love things with pictures of actual butterflies on - rather than cartoonish ones or anything - great find! :)

  3. wow, it's beautiful! my friend loves butterflies and i just know she would adore this! yes, i think it would be perfect to store your postcards in. or perhaps your receips/stamps etc?

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  4. It's gorgeous! So vintage and cute. Perfect for storing all your little bits and bobs. x

  5. it's beautiful! Wonderful find :)x

  6. Thats so cute! I've seen so many nice things that people have bought from car boots - I need to stop being lazy and get up and get some bargains!

  7. I loved the idea of storing photos and letters in a nice little tin like that. I store mine in a crummy file drawer. That is definitely much more romantic and you can even display it. :)

    I also love your posts on your scrapbook. It looks so fun to stare at. I am a bit scared to tear up my magazines though.

    B from A plus B

  8. thank-you for your lovely comment, alice. each and every single comment means so much to me, honestly. i really do hope that you will get to see your close friend soon. and let's both try our hardest to make new friends :) i think i'll try tomorrow, let's hope i'm feeling confident.

    you are such a kind-hearted, beautiful person, my dear. thank-you for always commenting and reading my blog. love, jazzabelle. xxx

  9. Very pretty tin :) Not normally a big butterfly fan but this tin is really cute, love it.

  10. That's really pretty- I love butterflies too (even have a tattoo with some on!) The tin is perfect for keeping letters and little keep sakes xx

  11. 20P!!! seriously!!! its so cute!


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