Decadence: Second Hand Style

I have been collecting these for quite a while now. I have probably said before how much I love the idea of a glamorous woman from a different era to me applying her makeup/perfume, having these items arranged on her dressing table. The stories behind these items will always enchant me.

Decadence to me is that time a girl spends alone at her dressing table, applying makeup, staring back at her reflection and spraying her favourite scent.

These lovely items make me happy...

Rose Scent Bottle, with scent still in £4.49 eBay.
I got this off eBay a few years ago, I couldn't resist it. I was concerned about it getting damaged in the post as it was so delicate but it turned up in perfect condition. It’s a cologne perfume and it has not been used. It’s extremely strong and smells typically ‘old’ if you get me. No I don’t use it, but I love having this on display.

Vanity Mirrors, £1 charity shop part of a set/50p Seaside Charity Shop
I kind of have a thing for these. I saw this programme once and a model was photographed looking into one and it sparked a fascination in me. I love the patterns. You just can’t get things like this these days brand new. They are truly a traditional item.

Scent Bottle, 50p Charity Shop
My Mum got me this one. It’s an empty scent bottle, presumable refillable but I used to collect empty perfume bottles and this was perfect in my collection. It reminded me a little of Anna Sui. I have always hung on to this as it’s very pretty.

Compact Mirrors, various charity shops
I think you’ve seen the pocket one before, but it is one of my all time favourite items after all. The folded fan one was another present from my mum. I love the neatness of this one. It’s very small and simple but a classic design.
The round compacts are not branded but I love the patterns on them. One day I would love to own a vintage stratton compact♥


  1. You won't find it hard to own a Stratton, the markets littered with them which makes them really cheap because there's too many of them!

  2. wow, the vanity mirrors and the rose scent bottle are just too beautiful for words. i recently bought myself a vanity mirror and it just makes me feel so glamourous when i use it :) what bargains, as well!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  3. Those are all beautiful things you have there - I particularly love the vanity mirrors, just gorgeous :)

  4. Gorgeous especially those mirrors x

  5. Such gorgeous things. I've just started getting into vintage dressing table adornments, mirrors and brushes in particular. Your collection is stunningly beautiful! x

  6. I love the rose perfume bottle. I have a couple of antique compact mirrors too!

  7. Such pretty things, and such bargains!

  8. Love the compact mirrors and the hand held mirror you got for 50p, very cute. Some great finds. I really need to get looking further afield, my charity shops are so drab now.

  9. everything is so perfect! i love those compact mirrors :)
    just found your blog btw.. its lovely! you have a new follower :) <33

  10. You have such pretty things. Love the mirrors and rose. x

  11. I love those mirrors, my mum has one her mum gave to her when she was younger, I want it from her!


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