A bit of Shabby Chic…

I helplessly admit I am much a fan of shabby chic interiors. However it’s ever growing popularity sometimes disappoints me. The whole ethos of shabby chic to me is old/nostalgia/shabby not High Street made to look shabby.

So the weirdest thing happened. I had been sorting tons of stuff to go to last week’s car boot sale, and I had put aside a black wooden dresser onto the ‘go’ pile.

I originally bought this at TKMaxx a good 4/5years ago, it was on clearance for a mere £2, the sole reason one of the underneath draws were missing and I guess it was a little tatty, but it didn’t bother me.
Back then I liked the gothic black of it, and had it displayed on my windowsill for a few years. But I don’t think it ever got a real ‘pride of place’ to be honest.

So lay and behold I am laid in bed the night before the car boot (car all packed up and ready to go) and I suddenly have a brainwave that I could paint it. Not only this but I knew we had the exact paint I wanted in our outhouse left over.



So this week I managed to get it painted and my God I am by far pleased with the result. I think it looks like a completely different piece! The cream really does emphasis the detailing around the mirror and brings it to life. I now have it on my desk (pride of place) and cannot stop admiring it!
I really like the fact it’s not perfect, there is a draw missing and I painted it by myself, just gives it a little more character in my opinion.

What do you think to my attempt at homemade shabby chic?


  1. What a glorious transformation! I think it looks better without the other drawer - an added touch of quirk.

  2. Wow - can't believe that was so cheap!
    It looks lovely - I quite like the black too, but it definitely has come into its own now you've painted it!


  3. It's utterly gorgeous. Seriously - there's one exactly the same in Laura Ashley for about £60! You've done such a good job of the painting and I love the missing drawer too!

    What a brilliant bargain.

  4. What a transformation, it looks fantastic! None of this high street 'shabby chic' appeals to me apart from Laura Ashley stuff, i'd choose authentic any day!

  5. looks lovely. It is a really pretty mirror :) x

  6. That's such a gorgeous mirror and it looks great in the lighter colour.

    I am totally with you about the whole shabby chic look, it's like vintage items, it's much better when it's genuinely old or faded or used, and it has a story behind it rather than brand new made to look old.

    Lovely :)

  7. It looks so much prettier! I'm thinking of doing my FMP next year on shabby chic interiors so I'll keep you posted! x

  8. Wow I love it! I want one :) Great bargain for only £2! xx

  9. ahh, it looks beautiful! i LOVE that one of the drawers is missing. very shabby chic, and what a bargain! :)


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