A trip to the car boot...

I was up bright and early yesterday morning, and ready to rummage.
Last time we went to a car boot there was nothing, apart from mud and lifeless stalls, so it had put me off a bit, but lay and behold I think we can safely say my love for car boots has returned.
We ended up spending about 4hours at the sale! It’s the biggest one near us and admittedly we did stop for breakfast mid way round.

I was on the lookout for some fabrics, but that simply didn’t happen or secondly a new handbag. But in fairness you shouldn’t really go to a car boot with a shopping list. It’s the surprise element that makes it what it is.

So what did I find?

And yes, believe me I was surprised when I found the beauty that is staypuft marshmallow man! JESUS I have been on the hunt for one of these for like 3years, my Dad has been on the hunt, literally we couldn’t find one anywhere. I tried eBay but they were pretty sought after on there too. You might remember the Mr did buy me a substitute one at Christmas time, but it wasn’t the original and I always wanted to own him.

So yes. I am stood in a field and I spy a 1984 Staypuft marshmallow man. It was funny actually because I’d wandered off on my own when I first spotted him.
The Mr decided to buy me him for my birthday in a couple of weeks :)

He had a few scuffs on him, but when we got home, we gave him a bit of a bath in the sink and he has come up brilliantly, to say he’s 26 years old!

My heart also skipped a beat when I saw this tiny pot money box. It’s a lucky cat one and I have never owned one of these, but have always seen them and thought I would like one! It was only 50p and I love it.

Then something that doesn’t happen often, I spied a MAC palette for 50p!
So I totally bought this for the ‘nostalgia MAC’ and ‘packaging factor’ ha-ha. But infact the eye shadows have barely been used. Does anyone know what collection this is from?

We also picked up Cluedo for 20p but seemingly it was too good to be true, as we later discovered everything was stuck to the bottom of the box. Cue dustbin.

P.S I’m also super excited as were going again next weekend. But this time were going to be the booters. I get to play stallholder for the day! So much to sell. So wish me luck. And hopefully I may get to have a little wander around some neighbouring stalls.


  1. Definitely love that MAC case. What a steal!

  2. Awww the lucky cat moneybox is sooo cute!! x

  3. Fab finds! I love the money box, and what an amazing bit of luck on the marshmallow man! I remember the one you got for Christmas. :) xx

  4. Awesome finds! :) my experiences with car boot sales have been hit or miss, but I think as the better weather comes in I'll need to get along to a few xx

  5. Fab finds, im usually not so lucky(or up early enough!). Love the little ceramic cat!

  6. UMM MAC for 50p?!?! That is amazing. Very jealous my love!

  7. I love the cat, sooo cute :) xxx

  8. Oh Snap! Jealous of the Staypuff Marshmallow man for sure. Also the lucky cat is awesome. My brother donated one of his many lucky cats to me recently, they are cool :P


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