How not to hoard.

A self confessed magazine addict. We have so far established this issue. However my head is spinning as I’ve been uprooting my ‘cupboard.’ (The place I shove things when I am pretending to tidy up, but secretly know one day I will find the right place for everything)

Much to my agony, I found a ton of catalogues/leaflets/flyers stuffed at the back.

Now I am very silly when it comes to clinging onto stuff like this.

But anyway. I did unearth a few beauties, which are going to be re homed in a none cluttered way hopefully, voila collage!

An array of Cath Kidston/Benefit catalogues, why does everything have to be so pretty seriously?

Some ancient Miss Sixty/Killah catalogues...scarily going all the way back to 2004

The cutest Tiffany envelope that ever graced my letterbox, yes it was printed inside! So you could just peek at the beautiful things. And a none coincidently price list that may accidentally fall into the Mr’s path.

My Elle DIY style guide…. Literally falling to bits but I swear this was my life line for many years. I would always refer back to it again and again.

And borderline crazy, I have clung onto the best H&M carrier bag ever produced. And some Soap & Glory tissue paper….sigh!

What am I like seriously?


  1. thats a pretty cool collection tbh haha, i used to collect limited edition bag and mags, you should make yourself a really cool canvas collage, hang it in your room or dressing room ect

  2. I still have that H&M bag lying in the back of my wardrobe somewhere it was amazing!! lol xxx

  3. I'm terrible for doing this too. Especially with carrier bags! The top shelf of my wardrobe is like a disaster zone. Heh heh!

  4. I totally do this! And I remember that Elle Style Guide! I loved it :D


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