Recent Finds…

I must admit I haven’t bought much lately, but here are just a few things that I have picked up.

H&M Floral corsage/headband -£1.99

A Carrie Bradshaw girl at heart, my first corsage of the summer! I spied this a few weeks ago, but didn’t buy it, then did the whole I wish I had bought it thing! So finally went back for it and erased the fashion regret.

Impulse ‘Into Glamour’ -99p
I usually always buy the ‘True Love’ one. But this one looked new and sparkling on the shelf so I opted for this, unfortunately not too impressed, or rather could just be the case of me being picky and attached to the scent of my usual one.

Momiji- ‘Giggles’-£1.30 Charity Shop
I just couldn’t resist this cuteness! This is my 2nd Momiji and I’m in love. I can imagine these can become quite collectable. If you know about these, you will know they come with little pieces of paper inside, where you can write a secret message and store it. I love things like this. Just because one day you or someone else will find that message :)


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