Hello Kitty Party

So remember a couple of posts back I was talking about my love for teenage magazines. (I think I was just going through a magazine life crisis to be honest)

Well another thing I love is new magazines. You know when the first issue gets shoved in your face, every TV advert and the massive promotional stands in newsagents.
The beauty of it is the introductory price that quite blatantly is a ploy as the regular price multiplies by several amounts from then on!

But still I love this. You know I’m the person who buys the first issue but never goes back for the 2nd. How annoying.

Well admittedly I had seen this magazine advertised on TV. Me and the boyfriend both looked at each other as if to say, don’t even think about it!
Well my mum too must have seen the advert and knew I would appreciate something so fun.

The plate is actually huge! I was presuming it would be kiddie size, but no a full size dinner plate. The magazine has recipes in and the packaging is kind of cute actually.

No I won’t be buying the 55 million next issues, at £4.99 each. I think our Ikea dinner set will do fine! I really would be pushing my luck!

But for £1.99 this is a real treat of an issue. ♥


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