The Delicious Miss Dahl…

I don’t know very much about Sophie Dahl, apart from the obvious fact of her being a certain authors granddaughter. I knew she had been a model, but she has never been a centre of interest for me.

Well I recorded this on Tuesday night, and today I finally got round to watching it.
To be quite honest I was pretty fed up of hearing all the bad vibe about it. Something about her kitchen not actually being her kitchen. And her strutting around trying to seduce the audience HELLO it’s television?

Regardless of that. TV is TV. And the majority of TV is fake. Studios, costume etc. It doesn’t take a whiz kid to work out that all the aesthetic put together was to make the show more appealing for the viewers.

I do enjoy cookery programmes and I did very much enjoy this episode named ‘Selfish’. It was creative and the chocolate pots in particular looked scrumptious!

The quirky titles and illustrations are completely after my own heart. I LOVE things like this. I loved how the recipes were on such cute pieces of card.
The kitchen is so shabby chic. It is a dream. It’s so girly but nice girly. Not pink in your face, it’s just beautiful, with a vintage feel. Ahhh and the shelf that was just full of books and random artefacts!

Despite what the critics are saying. I enjoyed this programme, and I enjoyed watching Sophie, she was friendly and quirky and I strongly disagree with people who are saying nasty things about her.

Note to self: series link! && I am hoping there will be an equally as adorable book to go along with this series.


  1. I really wanted to watch this and i bloody missed it! I'll def be watching next week :)

  2. Have heard such good things about this programme, must watch it on BBC iplayer!

  3. I did exactly the same as you - series record and watched it last night. I'm definitely trying out the chocolate pots recipe and will blog the results - fingers crossed!

    And the critics can shove off. I loved the style of the programme and she's so warm and friendly to watch. I can't be doing with poncey cooking programmes!

  4. Oooh, I'm one of the ones that didn't like it! Personally, I think she's a model not a chef, so she should stick to what she's good at.

    Really didn't like the program and the sexual references to food... it just seemed too false for me.

    But glad a few liked it.

  5. I loved this programme - so gorgeous! I have her book too, it's such a treat for the eyes! :)

  6. I enjoyed it too! I love Sophie - she's much more 'real' than Nigella, who favours a similar brand of seductive cooking. And those house is just fantastic.

  7. I never really watched cookery shows - only well causally watched them in the background whenever my mam had them on. But, I absolutely love Sophie's cookery show - the soup she made last week is just totally after my own heart. Everything she's made looks so yummy but gorgeous yet importantly so easy to make. I really hope there's a book to go alongside the series!

    She's brought a naturalised, normal feel back into cooking that's fun, quirky and just a little bit sexy!


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