The best of Cosmopolitan…Poundland triumphs again!

So I have previously spoken about a couple of fashion related books that have popped up in Poundland. Well just when I thought I’d nabbed everything to be had.

Yes I’ve found another amazing book!! At a mere £1
I must admit I’m becoming a little bit of a bookworm. It wasn’t at my regular Poundland I bought this book, infact I am pretty sure my Poundland hasn’t had them in. So I feel even more pleased with this purchase, as it was a trip into the city, killing time that I ventured into Poundland.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, a virtual Cosmopolitan handbook! Basically it’s celebrating Cosmopolitan magazine, and includes original articles and adverts from the 70s and 80s…I’m in love!

The first ever letter from the editor! Did you know the first ever issue sold out by lunchtime?

Retro'ing it up

Free discount coupon for Boots... 80s style

Poodle Hair anyone?

It’s a little sad to see original angel Farrah Fawcett on the front cover, but I cannot wait to get this read! I love reading about generations gone by, and when it's fashion/girly related it has to be good thing. Plus this may just be the start of a love affair with Cosmopolitan…


  1. good find!!! i love stuff like that! good housekeeping (i know..not exactly high fashion) a 40's had all the recipes for rehydrated eggs and how to darn socks and things...totally cute..i had to get it.


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  3. great find :) might raid my £1 shop for this one x

  4. That's awesome you got your hands on that! I love Cosmopolitan Magazine is what inspired me to become a journalist! :)

  5. how amazing!! so jealous this book looks such a good read! :)
    vicki x

  6. Oh My God! Think I need to get down to poundland! What a find :-)

    nicola xx

  7. You find the best things in Poundland! Will have a snoop in my local tomorrow for this!


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